Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Video: Samo Zaen Is A Pimp For His Cairo Concert

Samo Zain thinks he is some kind of a pimp, or a modem day Sultan with veiled babes surrounding him on his throne. He got away with that for a music video that we all loved, but for a concert, not sure if this prop does anything good.

Opening his famous hit ''Red Roses" with a chair and babes before he kick off the party and the ladies go into hiding. He wore a red man dress and sounds in love with himself and his image. This was part of a Cairo concert with thousands of fans with awesome cameras as you can see. I am all for new things and trying to change things up.

To be fair, this is a catchy song, and it has all the right elements of a great dance song but Samo Zain is not rock star. He needs to perfect his on stage mannerism no goofy stuff and acting like a pimp who cannot really dance to save his life. And what's with the shirtless hulk bodyguards onstage?

El Ward El Ahmar - Samo Zaen الورد الاحمر - حفله - ساموزين

Malaksh Daawa Beya - Samo Zaen مالكش دعوه بيا - حفله - ساموزين


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