Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Funky Jazz Fifties Style With Us We Lazq

It seems some musical eras get their fans decades later. The popular colorful band from Egypt Us We Lazq just put out a song that sounds like a fifties party. They are being lead by one of their female vocalists who put it all together for this track about imagination and having too many choices--when in fact you got none.

The song plays politics and talks about land owners, the broke and the uneducated folks. This is a humoreous song from an idealist with nothing to his/her name. It's easy to speak ill of those in charge, but if you are placed in charge, you will learn that you can change little.

As far as music goes, I love how the song ends on a very Egyptian folkloric and dance friendly melody. This is how Us We Lazq keeps their rivals guessing, invent something and break the mold.

Us We Lazq - Lw Kont I قص و لزق - لوكنت


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