Friday, February 15, 2013

The Arabic "I Drink Blood" Is Here غازى الأمير - لاشرب من دمو

This song is funny in a very bad way.... every time you start your sing by telling me, you want to drink someone else's blood, I laugh at you and weep for humanity. This is the idea of a good song by Ghazy Al Amir and his team. A song about him beating up people who dare to talk about his gal--whose dressed an a way that invites such comments.

I blame the vampire films for such notion, but then again, what he says here is something I used to hear people also say back home. Charlie Sheen jokes about it in 2011. He is looking like a beef cake, and very muscular and the American and the UK flag is on his shoulders. Then those are short shorts she is wearing and the song is about him asking her to marry him.

something tell me he is Syrian as his style is very much so. However, the quality of the music video tells me he might have had help in places like Lebanon. The beat of the song is very catchy, the music video is about flaunting what one has. Many looks and outfits are not limited to the ladies, as Ghazy changes so many of them during the music video.

I hate how Ghazy drives and gives this look on his face. I know he is a talented party and wedding singers. His voice and style are perfect for riots and huge events. But I feel this song--the lyrics and the music under-serve him. Maybe he should dress like a vampire and go on murdering rampage. Ghazy, you have something, go ahead and figure it out in your next project.

 Ghazy Al Amir - Lashrab Men Dammo / غازى الأمير - لاشرب من دمو


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