Monday, February 11, 2013

Listen: اغنية رامز جلال - الخصام ممنوع | Ramez Gallal - El Khesam Mamno3

This annoying TV presenter and actor has just impressed me in a good way. His movie is out on DVD, it's a funny movie and has a funny poster...but what stole the show is his song for the movie. His voice is alright, but what is good overall song. Ramez Gallal had the sickest show in Ramadan where he abducts celebrities and terrorists are involved it was really sick show.

His sweet voice is surprise....I thought he would make a silly song with too many punch lines that kill the song's mood. But he seems like he is using soccer as a metaphor for his love game with the lady he has fallen for. I like this style....the music is not the greatest, but it's upbeat...Another reason why this song is a hit might be explained due to the popularity of soccer. He blended soccer and love in one catchy song.

I think he just made amends with the fans....I will be watching his movie really soon and hope it was funnier than his last movie that felt flat.

 اغنية رامز جلال - الخصام ممنوع | Ramez Gallal - El Khesam Mamno3


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