Thursday, February 28, 2013

WATCH: منى أمرشا - رفع ضغطي | Mona Amarsha - Rafaa Daghti

She is Morocco's most known pop star in the Gulf region, had you not known this fact, you would think she is a local girl from some country in the Khalij region. The former contestant on Star Academy  made a bold decision early one. She walked away from the program and moved to Dubai for work. It all worked out for her and she opened Pandora's box.

Concert gigs, record deals, music videos, and celebrity status of a Goddess. And her latest songs takes the gold a love song about a husband who drives his wife insane. The song's titled you made my blood pressure shot about that? This song was being hyped for sometime and now it comes at this minute.

This is the story of a casting director who has to pick a leading female to play a role. His wife tries to get the gig by elimination other ladies to win her over--as well as the part. The song and the videos are made for teens, I am guessing. How come is everyone looks so perfect, dressed so well and seems to be clean cut?  I do like the rap lines by Mona.

I do not like the stalking part and showing women as fighting over a man--he will win. Again, this is mixing business with personal. I have appreciated the retro looks of the sixties. Then again, this is a fun music video with many amazing looks for everyone involved. Some of those dresses are just stunning.

منى أمرشا - رفع ضغطي | Mona Amarsha - Rafaa Daghti


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