Sunday, February 10, 2013

Listen: Asalah Blazing New Single اغنية اصالة - تصدق | جديد 2013

What cannot Syrian supernova Asala do? I really would like to know that....she is a top family woman, a mother of four children, a very good daughter! A loving wife, and by the way a platinum record and hit maker. And if that's not enough, she also has a top rated TV show where she hosts celebrities and singers to talk and sing at her home...

She has a new single out, a poetic one recorded in the Khaliji dialect, yet accessible to most Arabs who like good music. Asala is like an endless candle burning so that those around her can enjoy a little bit of light. I am a sucker form such songs...few non Gulf stars can draw me to listen their Gulf songs, Asalah is one of those voices....

She has created a modern day gem...I do not know how she is able to portray such fined emotions, she is awesome like that....she has always stood tall and never came across as a jaded soul. This "Tisadik" song has been playing on various radio stations around the Gulf, and folks have been asking for more. The song's message, life changes, one day you are up, another day you are down.....unlock your heart.

اغنية اصالة - تصدق | جديد 2013


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