Monday, February 18, 2013

WATCH: Dounia Batma - Badri | دنيا بطمة - بدري

Dounia Batma has just shot a music video in Beirut--her first solo since she walked out from the Arab Idol program--a close second. The young Moroccan songstress is playing it safe by resealing a song in the Gulf-Khalij dialect. They are the ones who can afford her now, and they would pay to book her for concerts. The three finalists seem to have done well so far as they continue to make noise and talk about their careers.

She will also appear on a trio along side her former contestant on the Arab Idol, Carmin and Yousef. But her single "Badri" or "So Soon" will land song, but not before making few bucks through phone downloads and ring tones.  The clib has landed on YouTube this morning. Her Platinum Records company is hoping to make her a big success and make some dollars. I think they might be a good venture.

I do not love this style of the song, but I know it's a hop style in the Gulf region and if they are happy, I am happy. The music video tells a story of a house wife who sits in her million dollar home getting pretty and prapring surprises for her hard working husband. Nobody is this rich, this creative, this good looking and certainly no one has this much time to waste. But thanks for the fashion show    

Dounia Batma - Badri | دنيا بطمة - بدري


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