Friday, February 8, 2013

Everyone Is A Martyr In Egypt, New Song By Loai

Talk is cheap, and cheap songs are a dime a dozen. It seems that each of the thousand singers in Egypt must perform a song about the martyrs on their land. Like if thugs, and bullies do not get killed. Even if those get killed now there is no one out there has enough courage to call them out on it.

But singers are not in this business for the right far as they are all concerned anyone gets killed is a hero who has a story to tell. Now, I am against violence and murder for people who want to peacefully protest grim political reality. But even in democratic states, there are acts one cannot do.

Think about this, protesters tried to jump the presidential palaces fences and threw stones and Molotov cocktails at its buildings. If anyone would do that same acts here say near the White House, he or she would be shot right away and no one would care to tell their story. Why is it then OK for some folks to attack the residence of their president? Lets' get real please.

Now, here's a song good for crying and nothing else. Loa'i is a guy I love and respect  and he is in the middle of a new business contract, so he just recorded a song for the fallen, "They have killed me, I want to die in dignity, for you Egypt, death is OK!" and so on the song goes. I do not think Egypt benefits form its finest songs dying.

اغنية لؤى - موتونى | Lo2i - Mawotone


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