Wednesday, February 27, 2013

He's Baaack Listen: Tamer Hosny - Elly Rah / اللي راح - تامر حسني

Egypt is ready to meet a whole new Tamer Hosny, the grownup one that he has never let out of the bag. The song below could not have been made into a good song had he not been through the worst those past few years. A very sobering song from a man who does not seem to have a lot of fans out there at the moment. He is heartbroken even though he is happily married.

The song's mood in unlike anything he has made before. And to be frank the music lives up to the song. After this song fewer people will hate the most hated pop star in this generation. "Elly Rah" means what has passed, the past. The years and the experiences that one can never recover back. I like this new tone for Tamer Hosny, it might show that he was only letting us see the tip of the iceberg of his multi-talented artist. Cannot help but drool over this nice collaboration, the music is like a magical rug transferring us back to the time when original music was created.

This song is the best defense for Tamer Hosny, about how much he has seen most recently since he made that phone call to the state TV in Egypt and starred in the viral Tahrir Square video. This time, he sounds like a bird he can no longer fly unless those around him/her make it right. Call is his closure song, but I am inclined to give him two thumps up for this single

Tamer Hosny - Elly Rah / اللي راح - تامر حسني


  1. Tamer Hosny heart broken! Well, he should of thought about that before he tells the egyptian youth in Tahir square to go home, is a dirty liar to his former fans, married a nasty women, etc. He laid his own bed. Karma finally catched up with this pinoccio nose!