Sunday, February 10, 2013

Watch: Coke Bastardize Egyptian Indie Bands كليب أتجنن - كاريوكى و عايدة الايوبى

It's a sad day when the brightest rock music band in Egypt--and most indie one gets picked to do a song for Coca Cola. The insult does not end there, Coca Cola also hires Aida Ayoubi as she makes her way back into the music scene. I know it's a tough market out there, and that soda giant knows this very they bribe those entertainers to try to appeal the young angry and indie spirit Egypt is experiencing those few past years.

Cairo, and Aida are awesome musicians, they come from tow different eras with very passionate and rebellious songs. I do not like to drink soda and wish less people would drink it, but I like the music of those two acts. But wait, a third act joined the party, Egypt's hottest rapper Zap Tharwat also gets his moment under the soda sun.

This is the promotional music video for the soda company and it's a really good song....Let Yourself Go, says the song....and that's what will happen if you drink too many sodas...Get crazy says the song and don' worry about people and what they say....they will say you are fat once you had too many sodas. Amir Eid, the lead of Cairokee wrote this song! He is a lyrical boy wonder.

I love how soda company try to get culture through music....and those bands like the extra cash they get in exchange for their music and promotional endorsements. There's a happy smiley face, balloons and such. You will balloon yourself if you keep drinking sodas. And yes, you are too crazy if you substitute sodas for health drinks.

كليب أتجنن - كاريوكى و عايدة الايوبى ..... كامل (CoCa CoLa)