Thursday, February 28, 2013

Listen: Amanda - Mosta7il 2013 / أماندا - مستحيل

There's an up and coming Lebanese songstress with the name Amanda and she just released a new single--her debut. Radios in Lebanon picked up the song and the music seems to have agreed with what's hip in club mixes. The success prompted Amanda to talk about releasing a new music video.

The thing about this song, it's a good package the loud music overshadow the lyrics  so they do not have to be perfect, just good. And this is the story of all those Euro style electric/funk music. Amanda has another thing going for her she has the textbook mermaid look of fantasies.

This is a good star, I am sure she will get better as she moves forward....Amanda welcome the entertainment industry. Her song is titled "Impossible", like having a thriving career at the moment.

Amanda - Mosta7il 2013 / أماندا - مستحيل


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