Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Listen: Assala My Sweet Valnetine Song - Howa Habibi / أصالة - هو حبيبي

Assala is one of those timeless divas whose personal is well known around the Arab world, her music has been around since she was a little girl singing alongside her father. Her love story with her second husband, music producer Tarek is also well known. She made a love song before to this caring and loving (and successfull) music mogul

"He is My Sweetheart", "His presence in my life is the grandest gift", a dreamy song that comes from a loving heart and a lady who seems to be a loyal soul. Assala Nasri is one of those voices that will be in our memory for a long time. I am looking at a modern day diva in the making, she will surely have a place in the history of the Arabic song.

I like the sweet emotions she channels, the song sounds real and it's not lacking on the passion. Assala has no issue declaring her love to the public, and we know she cares less for what people think of her. Great job, lady you keep Arabic music fun for so many of us.

Assala - Howa Habibi / أصالة - هو حبيبي


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