Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Download: Mohamed Abdo Releases His 2013 Album مينى البوم محمد عبده - يصيح الليل

The grand Saudi Artist just released a splendid mini album of two songs. We are talking about two full length songs that have been turned from poets pieces into a pop art. This is how Saudi artists Mohamed Abdo does it, he is the artist of the kings and royals. Plus his must is produced by a Saudi label-owned by a real wealthy prince.

That means, he has never to worry about money. He has always made good music, though some of this music traveled well outside the Gulf region where he is a constant hit-maker. This album has two lengthy songs, and this is all what folks need from him. This albums seems to be a reaction to the reports of his death--there are so many of them.

The title song comes with the title "The Night has cried", sounds like the perfect motto for those recovering lonely hearts. It comes with classy Arabic music, and beautifully written lyrics. Abdo sounds a lot wiser from an experience that has given him so much pain.  

01 - Allah Gabak
02 - Yeseh El Layl

اغنية محمد عبده - يصيح الليل | Mohamed Abdo - Yeseh El Layl 2013


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