Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hamas Sings, Israelis Dance! Qasam Song Is A Hit In Israel (Video)

Hamas did not invent propaganda, they are learning from the Israelis and copying them....this is why when they military wing released a song in Hebrew with many threats to the people of Israel, the song became an instant hit inside Israel. The shares, likes and tweets are all over the place. It might be funny for some, but I think Hamas is showing off here.

Israelis have a sense of humor--no just an apatite to murdering defenseless Palestinians. In this conflict, we see Hamas the underdog schooling Israel in military operations and PR. The Israelis are top-dog on civilians, they killed close to 1400 (the counter still goes) This message hurts them and actually mocks them and reminds them of how Qassam brigade.

The good news, Israel ran out of bullets, they've used them all--so not to worry my country America, was there for them and gave them what they need in their way on civilians. Good job! I do not understand Hebrew, but the subtitle in Arabic  are there.

Bibi keeps on killing people in Gaza, telling his right-wing nuts that he is making progress, he is right if he only wanted to cleanse the people of Gaza.

انشودة زلزل أمن اسرائيل باللغة العبرية

The Retrun Of the Magic Man Georges Wassouf Live in Beirut Concert (Video)

He is the Sultan of Arab music, the man whose fans and non-fans celebrate him alike, the icon of Tarab, the man form Syria who has survived a series of health setbacks that took him years to recover. After stints in rehab in half a dozen countries he returns to perform live on stage in the city of Biuret.

His return was a huge deal, this is why a well-known Lebanese TV presenter was there to introduce him and honor him as his first public event that makes his  return. Lebanon showered him with love, and he took a bib step forward to entertain them and assure them that he is not going anywhere. He even gave a speech.

Bless this man for he has brought us many joys for over three decades. He is the guy who sang as a kit and continues to dazzle us.

Georges Wassouf Beirut Concert جورج وسوف في مهرجان أعياد بيروت 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WATCH: Jowa Alhara - Mahmoud Mohey | جوه الحاره - محمود محيي @MohmoudMohey

The young and dazzling winner of Star Academy Mohmoud Mohey just did the right thing by showing he does indeed have a big heart. In his heart there seems to be a soft spot for the defenseless people of Gaza being slaughtered by the masses by a ruthless army.

He did this song on in his own, it was a risky move, but the right move nevertheless, his big heart could not just sit there and watch the daily massacres. He is all emotions, and tears for Gaza and Palestine. It's a personal song from a guy who felt the scream of the people in Gaza.Mahmoud Mohey shows that he is a dreamer and there is no shame in that. I am certain all these big names who see the senseless butchering of Gaza and not document the moment with their music, are running in shame.

There are so many images that will leave a hole in your heart when you watch, Mahmoud Mohey documented the moment and managed to make a personal song that moves even these skeptics. I love his voice, and how he challenged himself here to show the big love, all the musicians with him deserve a big thank you. His song says, we only have you God..... I think the guitar allows him to show where the musician meets the activist. Then the song takes a bigger frame of the Arab cause, you see that Libyan and Tunisian flags and then the Egyptian struggle with the Syrian.

JOWA ALHARA - Mahmoud Mohey | جوه الحاره - محمود محيي | Official video

ISIS And Israel Are The Same, Says Iconic And Bold Julia Boutros @JuliaBoutros1

Julia Boutros is the original Arab singer-activist combo, she is Lebanese who bleeds Palestine and her heart is on Syria and Iraq. She never shies away from unifying Arab causes, she sees the larger picture. In this video she salutes, mothers families and seniors.

she talks Palestine and take pride in their resistance--the only cause that brings most Arabs together--not the fucking Saudi and Egyptian regime, but the people over there. "We are all Palestine" It's a bold stand she takes, it has become nice to watch how Gaza and the Israeli brutality in Gaza and Palestine has brought the people of Lebanon together.

I love Julia and I love how even in 2006 when some Arab regimes were against resistance in Lebanon--she released a moving song from a speech that put so many of these lazy Arabs to shame.

Julia Boutros Appeals: We are all Palestinian - ISIS, Israel One and the Same (Eng Subtitles)

The Smiling Man! @nicolaselosta Warm New Hit Song Nicolas El Osta fik el chifa نقولا الأسطا فيك الشفا

Nicolas El Osta or Nicola for short is a big deal at home, and whatever place Lebanese call it home, they take him with them. He is the happy warrior of Lebanese pop, the soft-spoken, smiling mature man who likes to know good music and let it speak for itself.

He knows the ladies like him a lot, not only for his good look and smile that puts them at ease. He has a nice style where he is always dressed to impress and when he sings from the heart, the soul--even his eyes sing with him. And this is why it feels like a song someone in a father figure making a sweet song that invites you to relax while declaring your love.

Lyrics here are the work of MOUNIR BOU ASSAF and the music with the arrangement are the work of Bilal El Zein. Nicolas does romance in a way that allows a whole family to watch, listen without anyone feeling embarrassed. The song is about finding healing in the love of that one person.

Nicolas El Osta fik el chifa نقولا الأسطا فيك الشفا

Monday, July 28, 2014

WATCH: Hassan El Shafei ft. Abla Fahita In His Weirdest Collaboration Yet!

Hassan is a hip record maker, producer, and music personality. Now he does not like to sing, but he does not exactly shun the spotlight. He has a new song for hims walking around some European capital, living a single life--the street artist who likes to try different thing. He sits as a judge on Arab Idol-he is the nice guy who gives educated opinions.

Did he try new things here? Hell yes, not sure what to call it, but the new record is funky, clubby, dancey, and it has a puppet starring alongside Hassan El Shafie...not sure how to make out these words. Hassan is a nice guy who comes across as such, he has a sense of humor and in this music video he is showing to have a great sense of hipster lifestyle.

Abla Fahita is the most popular iconic Egyptian character from these pop kids. The mixed music track puts a lot of elements together like a good DJ who knows how to spin records.....he brings out the party with a lot of young people. The song is about those who have had their hearts broken.

حسن الشافعي مع ابلة فاهيتا - #مايستهلوشي | Hassan El Shafei ft. Abla Fahita - Mayestahlushi

The First Egyptian To Sing For #Gaza Bravo @MahmudMohey

The first Egyptian artist to stand in solidarity with Gaza and actually record a song in support. This is normally not big news, but since the regime in Egypt appears to be silent on assault on Gaza, it's bold to see a young talented artists to be moved by the Israeli massacres and record a song for Gaza at this very dark hour. At a time when Palestine became a four letter word in Egypt, it's refreshing to see a young artist take a step at this time.

Mahmud Mohy won big on Star Academy, he made many Egyptian proud of him, but now he may be doing something to make all Arabs proud. "I am doing all I can do" for Gaza. Bless you Mohy, your talent is being put to a good place. I hope he does not get attacked for standing in solidarity with innocent people being slaughtered living few hours away form him.
 The yet to be released song seems like a serious song with some talented people behind it. "The song is about the massacres that happen to our people in Gaza daily" I love how he sported that well-known Palestinian scarf. The song has been titled "Inside The Neighborhood", the song, the music, and the lyrics are the work of Mohy himself.

Thank you Mahmud, I know we wrote about you here before and have celebrated your hit single on this blog, we are grateful for your talent and big heart.
جوه الحاره | محمود محيي الدين

My Thoughts on Elissa Download: البوم اليسا - حالة حب 2014

She is the babe for many who like Arabic romance songs, the dudes dig her because she sings and sounds like the perfect girl--that might not be a real girl, but she sells that sacrifice-loving soul. Ladies think of her as symbol of glamour and fashion. She is beloved in Egypt and in Lebanon. The Gulf thinks she makes no mistakes...and thus they keep paying her to make more music and bring in more concerts.

She is happy to spend most of her time, traveling the world, hanging out with her friend all over the place--she may even pay them to fly with her--we hear she is not really very generous. But when it came to making new songs, she is all serious. She spares no expense to work with the best to get the best. She is demanding, but she knows what works for her--she has been write every single time. That means every single album she recorded and released it became a hit.

She is not a warm personalty, nor does she has social skills. She is not someone you would want to kick it with, she seems to be flat and not intellectually curios. But she makes good songs, she may not live these songs, but she performs well. Then comes her bunny album cover art and her mirror. She is giving her back to her fans, as she seems to be too busy thinking in her head. Now her album got leaked, so the producers Rotana rushed it to the market.  

The lyrics fees tired, the music feels dated, the arrangement nothing earth-shattering. Still not a good album, it keeps Elissa in the game

P.S. May lord have mercy on Gaza and its people.

Download the album Here

01 - Awel Mara
02 - Law Etaabelna
03 - Ana Nefssi
04 - Beraghm El Zorouf
05 - Omr Gedid
06 - Ana Magnoona
07 - Wagat Alby
08 - Insana Bereeaa
09 - Add El Ayam
10 - Bataly Tehebeeh
11 - Helwa Ya Baladi
12 - Ya Merayti
13 - Hob Kol Hayaty
14 - Halet Hob

Download the album Here

Take the album for a test run here or try this one here too

Sunday, July 27, 2014

WATCH: Julia Boutros Honors Palestinian Fighters in Gaza Righteousness is my weapon (Eng Subs) جوليا بطرس - الحق سلاحي

Julia Boutros once again sticks her neck for resistance, she did before in Lebanon and before in Palestine. Now she goes out for Gaza and Palestine. She stands tall and speaks truth to power....Julia has never lost her brand, her allure. She has it, and her heart is in the right place. That mighty strong voice of hers makes you tremble.

While Egyptians artists are taken a nap treating Gaza is a non-event. Lebanon really showed them how to do it, you stand next to your brother who resists an occupation. I love her voice, she means resistance, and it shows in her voice...she is a big fan of freedom and justice---the question why aren't you sir?

This song won't please the Saudi regime, because truth is not on their side this once, Israel fears these songs and have protested them in the past. These settlers need to pack and go home--it does not matter how many they kill or how hard they try to justify the murder of the innocent--ultimately, they lose. They lose a bit of themselves each time they wrong Gaza, Palestine.

Julia Boutros Honours Palestinian Fighters in Gaza Righteousness is my weapon (Eng Subs)

جوليا بطرس - الحق سلاحي Julia Boutros

WATCH: Mesut Kurtis - Zulme Feryad | #SupportGaza #FreePalestine #TurkishSongs

The Macedonian born, UK educated Mesut Kurtis who comes from a scholarly and religious family of Turkish origin is all support for Gaza at this moment. Mesut who showed a strong interest in Islamic nasheeds from a very young age. Blessed with a beautiful, powerful, and passionate voice.

On top of that Mesut is also a gifted multi-linguist, being fluent in five languages, and this is wonderfully portrayed in his first nasheed album: Salawat, which features songs that beautifully and seamlessly combine Arabic, Turkish, and English. Mesut graduated from the European Institute of Human Sciences, Wales, UK in Shari'ah Studies.

He could not possibly sit aside watching Gaza and Palestine burn and say nothing. So like most of his fellow artists with Awakening Record he sang for Palestine in Turkish. Turkey is a big aid to Gaza, and people of Gaza feel like they have a back in this country and its leadership.

Mesut Kurtis - Zulme Feryad | #SupportGaza #FreePalestine

WATCH: Jannat ... Hob Gamed - Video Clip | جنات ... حب جامد - فيديو كليب

The title confused some people, but the song was meant to be a fun one about lasting love. Moroccan pop star Jannat who is a huge success in Egypt had to film this music video, and tell us a story about her love--limitless love. I guess in the music video she seems to have everything, nice bedroom, breakfast in bed, gifts rolling into her, and a huge billboard confessing his love.

I like Jannat, but this is not anything like reality, it's ike these college kids who feel obsessed to do a grand gesture. It's a song song, but the title was the butt of every joke. The music video talks about how this happy love ends with a wedding and a white dress. This is a short song, it barely passes the three minutes mark. But this may have been a dream all along.

Jannat ... Hob Gamed - Video Clip | جنات ... حب جامد - فيديو كليب

Saturday, July 26, 2014

WATCH: رامي جمال - فترة مش سهلة [فيديو] Ramy Gamal - Fatra Mesh Sahla (Video)

I have heard a lady tell me she thought Ramy Gamal, the Egyptian pop star is a handsome looking guy. I did not see that when she said that. But now, with the release of his latest music video, I agree with her. Ramy is back with an absolutely beautiful music video where he is looking like a million dollar.

Not sure, but that slim fit suit, classy shades, fancy ride and model tell me that guy got it. The skyline helps and so does the club bar scene. Ramy is unable to get over an old flame, he is singing the blues and it feels all too real--the man had his heart broken an for a dream boat looking guy, this should not happen.

Ramy is a loyal romantic, he does not see anyone around him, but the memories of his old love. The composer within him made this song a treat for all his fans. This is how you make a music video--it feels like something Elissa would do, tell a love story that is missing something. Ramy Gamal pulls it off here and he seems to have transformed himself to be that person. Passing time, is what the name of the game....Not clear to me, where this joint has been filmed, but the skyline is fascinating.

رامي جمال - فترة مش سهلة [فيديو] Ramy Gamal - Fatra Mesh Sahla

Friday, July 25, 2014

Download: Karim Mohsen 2014 Happy Album البوم كريم محسن - عن تجربة

Kareem Mohsen returns with a stellar album, created in silence and mastered to perfection from this dazzling musician who burst to the music sense in 2010 and has yet to slow down. He presents his second album, and boy is it good?

You cannot help but want to dance to his beat....he is smooth, slick and funky fresh. I like his new look, style and that he has finally found his comfort zone. He left the shadow of that other star who helped introduce him. He is now Kimo the Primo....a cool nickname he gave himself. He composed the music, but if you did not know that, you would be able to guess, it's a good beat. He gets 14 chances here to make things right, and he does succeed.

You be the judge? You need to check him out because he is what the cool kids are now following. His onscreen charm cannot be overlooked just like his talent of making dancy tunage.

Here's the link for the songs on this album  

02.Alby Haded
03.An Tagreba
04.Ana Mertah
05.Bahlam Bek
06.Banady Aleik
07.Helwa El Hayah Ma'ah
08.Lawn Einek
10.Maly Einy
11.Mesh Hamsek Feik
12.Rouh Shof Hayatak
13.Wad Met'alem
14.Ya Toul Balak

Karim Mohsen - Wad Met'alem Music Video | كريم محسن - فيديو كليب واد متعلم

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Download: Elissa 2014 Album @elissakh #HaletHob البوم اليسا - حالة حب

She does not make bad songs, only hits, and thanks to her loyal fans, they always come to her defense no mater what. Their queen or romance is Elissa and she knows how dear she is to them, so she keeps the hits coming.

Elissa sticks to the safe formula that has always worked for her, catchy tunes to girlish sensual grade lyrics, performed into a dreamy voice. She followed this style ever since she shot to fame. Loud, dance music, that makes you jump, then her broken spirit voice starts telling a story. The story tends to be the good girl that did everything right, she loved right, but she got cheated. A story she told many times. But she always makes it sound fresh and worthy of your attention.

She is romantic in music, but not in her life--at leas in the part we know of. Here, she gave 14 tracks that range in styles, all are actually good. I am sort of have grown past her charm, but I still like to follow her music. She is an A list artist whom Rotana holds in high regards. She does works hard, and she makes good choices--at least in songs and music. I cannot wait to listen to each of the tracks once Ramadan ends...

I do not get the album cover art, I think Elissa is dealing with the issue of aging, the bunny ears tell she still sees her self as a sex symbol--many keep talking about her loveless life. But perhaps she is happy and has all she needs in her big bank account.

Download the album Here

P.S. May lord have mercy on Gaza and its people.
01 - Awel Mara
02 - Law Etaabelna
03 - Ana Nefssi
04 - Beraghm El Zorouf
05 - Omr Gedid
06 - Ana Magnoona
07 - Wagat Alby
08 - Insana Bereeaa
09 - Add El Ayam
10 - Bataly Tehebeeh
11 - Helwa Ya Baladi
12 - Ya Merayti
13 - Hob Kol Hayaty
14 - Halet Hob

Download the album Here


Take the album for a test run here or try this one here too

Hob Kol Hayaty ... Elissa - Lyrics| حب كل حياتي ... إليسا - كلمات

Halet Hob Final Promo | برومو البوم اليسا حالة حب

Download: Sandy 2014 Album "Helwa Gedan" ساندي - حلوه جدأ

This is a girl who like to make music, not a woman yet. She does pop songs as if any teen would approach any topic, lots of details about seemingly  unimportant things. Her fans love her and enjoy seeing her live singing in nearby malls or in a beach party. This is why she gets to make an album every year and a half or so. This time, this seems like a teen album, she likes to have fun and not to be heartbroken.

Sandy sells this image to teens very well--even thought she must be at leaser in her mid 20s.  11 tracks, even a song in English titled Lady Killer--hope this is not a literal song. Here, she does something which is sing for her fans, and gives them what they like, she does lots of pop songs or tries to do it in American style. The lead song is pretty cool to dance to, I love he beat.

She filmed his join somewhere here in the States. It feels like Selena Gomez should pop in the screen. Unsure about the panda, but Egypt seems to be obsessed with them at the moment. The song about Sandy thinking she is hot, cute and spunky....she pulls it off, this is a song that feels like the cast of glee gave her a hand. I like the donuts joke and the cop. This is funky and coll attempt, it works for Sandy, not many can replicate this. She is a neutrally and the album glows happiness. Teen love stories are funny to grownups, but for them they are the real deal.

The music composer here is Belal Srour, lyrics are for Islam Mustafa. I do not know how they make money, but Sandy keeps making new albums, she keeps a busy schedule as the young adults shell their money to see her perform live. Sandy does make sure to make new and fresh music videos. She seems to enjoy working on new music videos.

Sandy - Helwa Gedan ساندي - حلوه جدأ

01.Helwa Gedan
02.Hayah Tab3aya
04.Arosa La3ba
05.Ana We Hwa
06.Alby Tab
07.Roho Ololo
08.Men Wara Nadarty
09.Men Haky
10.Lady Killer
11.Lady Killer [Remix]

Album can be found here

Massive Attack make Gaza statement using headline stage at Longitude Festival

Award-winning band and veteran political activists Massive Attack used their headline slot at Longitude Festival this weekend to highlight their solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

As the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continues to bombard Gaza with air strikes while Hamas fires rockets into Israel, Massive Attack used its position to show its long-time support of Palestinian freedom.

A lit-up message behind the performers said: “Gaza has been ocupied [sic] or under restrictions since 1948.”
The group also displayed the number of lives lost in Gaza, the Irish Mirror reports, during a performance of ‘Unfinished Sympathy,’ which was met with huge applause from the crowd.

Full Article

WATCH: Wadih Al Safi Ft. Assi Hallani – Al Amana وديع الصافي و عاصي الحلاني – الامانة

The Legendary and late Wadei El Safie has left the building and this entire life, what's left behind will not do the same thing. Assi Hallani took the torch and in this song they duo deliver a dazzling's called Al Amanah....or the trust. Where the late Wadie entrusts Arabic music to the next in line. No one will be Wadie, his legacy of more than 60 years remains something to celebrate, he is the original Mr. Lebanon.

Wadih Al Safi Ft. Assi Hallani – Al Amana وديع الصافي و عاصي الحلاني – الامانة

Najwa Karam & Wadi El Safi -W Kberna- Byblos نجوى كرم & وديع الصافي - وكبرنا

Najwa Karam & Wadi El Safi -W Kberna- Byblos نجوى كرم & وديع الصافي - وكبرنا

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Regards To All The Martyrs Song By Sherine @sherineawahab

Sherine recorded a song for the fallen troops in Egypt, but the timing was awkward so she dedicated the song for them and for the fallen in Gaza. Ayman Bahgat Amar wrote for her, and I like his music but more and more he is turning into a extremist nationalist. Credit goes to Sherine for remembering Gaza at this moment when her leader is conspirator on the Israeli onslaught. I know Sherine means well and has a heart, but Egypt is not a place for love right now--they are angry with everyone for no good reason.

The song goes to say, say hello for me to all the martyrs, the song is clearly for the Egyptian policemen murdered by some secretive shadow group with questionable support. It's a "let's cry" song, the fife certainly gives that away, slow music and no rush...allowing one to sob. It's a sad tragedy when people get kills, but once you put a uniform you accept a risk--it does not mean you should be targeted, but you are given a weapon for a reason.

 Now the bigger disaster is when Israel murders you while you are sitting home with your family about to break your fast. 20 seconds later, your body is flying in the street, and you are gone. This happened to too many families in Gaza--they do not need a song or a reward--it's with God. The timing of the attack on these Egyptian policeman serves one purpose to distract Egyptians form pouring their attention to Gaza.

شيرين - سلم عالشهدا | Sherine - Sallem A'al Shohada

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Toni Qattan Fan Essential Playlist

He is a low-key singer from Jordan by the way of Palestine. He is a young voice with a solid fan base in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. He can be seen doing concerts in these places, and his fans attend and show their love for this almost indie entertainer.

Toni Qattan is that voice, and I like how he handles his business. He is all about making good songs and nice music videos. He is a hit for concerts and he comes with little drama. He does the Bedouin song very well, he has few party songs the bring out his old soul. He does the romantic songs brilliantly, and in Lebanon he has a big name recognition.

He also has done few Egyptian songs that were cool. He has that non threatening good-look, he ranges between casual and blazer when it comes to dressing.

Toni Qattan - Ya Mhager / طوني قطان - يا مهاجر

Toni Qattan - Ahlek Ma Badon Yani / طوني قطان - أهلك ما بدن ياني

Toni Qattan - Einha Alaya / جديد طوني قطان 2013 - عينها عليا

More songs from Toni are found here

Karim Mohsen, The Justin Timberlake of Egyptian Pop Is BACK!

Karim Mohsen is one of the few innovators of Egyptian pop, the guy rocks with his dazzling performances. I love the music and arrangements he composes. It's fresh stuff he makes when he wants to do catchy tracks. But he also does the emotionally complex track that makes some tear up.

I am a fan of his happy melodies and party tunes. Karim has been doing these songs for half a dozen years since he started with Tamer Hosny and to go on his own in 2011. He seems like a cool guy who is never afraid of experimenting with styles and ranges. Perhaps it's telling how he titled his album "The Experiment" I compare him to the style and energy of Justin Timberlake.

Here's a teaser for his upcoming albu, and I do not just like what I am hearing, I love every few seconds of each songs he shared with us.

Karim Mohsen - 3an Tagreba Album promo | برومو كريم محسن - البوم عن تجربة

Karim Mohsen Promo 3an Tagreba - برومو كريم محسن البوم عن تجربة

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Daughter of #Palestine Cedar Zaitoun Steps Up For #Gaza With New Song

I consider myself a fan of Palestinian vocalist Cedar Zaitoun, but now I am a bigger fan with her timely response for the attacks on Gaza. Quick turnaround with these songs are something worth celebrating. Ms. Zaiton recorded this poem from famed and beloved Palestinian poet Samih Al Qassim.

He wrote this poem years ago, "advance, move forward" and she flew to Lebanon to recorded it in the professional studios of Tony Hadad. It's not easy to listen to a song about resistance when you are entire family is experiencing it in the first person. This is what it feels to be me right now, but I am in safety and they are not.  

I think the song is in the modern and clam style, but I would have liked a lot more rage than this songs allows...Cedar gave an impressive performance like she always dones.
تقدموا تقدموا .. سيدر زيتون

Sunday, July 20, 2014

We Refuse To Die, The Classic Resistance Song By Julia Boutros

We refuse to die, tell them we will stay and survive. It was a simple song for a young songstress Julia Boutros of Lebanon. That song became the national anthem of Lebanon in the wake of its civil war. Then Palestinians took the song and sang it every chance they got....

We see death in Gaza, yet the people are not running away from their land, they are feeling to safety, but moving within land....people are weeping for deaths, but not giving up. It's not easy, complicated sure. But they will not give in to a ruthless army that murders their children, spouses, and elderly. Even though the army tries to pose to have the moral high ground.

جوليا بطرس - غابت شمس الحق تسجيل نادر

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lift Your Fu**ing Siege On Gaza #GazaUnderAttack

Walid Tawfik is a proud Lebanese singer, the golden boy of the eighties and nineties took on a bigger issue. You do not get glory for singing for Palestine. In fact, they may hate you for it--they is some Arab defeatist. But Walid could care less, more than five years ago he made up his mind and recorded this song...wearing in pride that famous black and white scarf.

This is a song for Gaza, and its people, Walid wrote it and composed it for the people of Gaza who have already been placed under a cruel siege for 8 years--they caught a break in the year Morsi was the democratically elected president. Take that Zionist Sisi, shame on you. This is the time to lift the blockade on these people--has it made Hamas weaker? No. Just making life more horrible in Gaza for the Palestinians in there.

فكوا الحصار - وليد توفيق . غزة

WATCH: Mohamed Attia - Sekaty Feek | محمد عطية - ثقتي فيك

Here's a Ramadan song from a hip young pop star who does not seem like your typical Ramadan type. Remember him the Star Academy first winner? The cool singer who likes soccer, Mohamed Attia returns a lot calmer than one remembers him.

I like the black and white shadow which keeps the focus on Ramadan, and promises made by God, the trust one has in him. When this month is over, Attia has few songs in the works, one with the charming boy band WAMA.

Mohamed Attia - Sekaty Feek | محمد عطية - ثقتي فيك

Friday, July 18, 2014

Mesut Kurtis Is All Smiles in "Tabassam" 2014 Album البوم مسعود كرتس - تبسم @MKurtisOfficial

Here's a golden album from a golden performer with a golden heart. This Mesut the guy who is there to entertain the masses while saving their collective souls. This European artist is blessed with a sweet and tang voice wrapped in his shy persona. But his voice ain't shy, it's loud while singing eternal truth calmly.

I adore his style, and the way words come out of his might be his perfect Arabic pronunciation that makes me imagine being back at that time. There are many artists who do these style in places like Morocco and Syria. Mesut makes it cool and relevant in this fast times. He actually gets you to relax even when he is driving a fast car, songs like this are for the soul and heart.

Get yourself a copy of this album, you will enjoy it and play it over and over this Ramadan and after.

01.Rouhi Fidak
03.Alhamdu Lillah
05.Ghar Hira
06.Eid Saeed
07.Assalatu Wassalamu
08.Ya Man Bihali
11.Ataytu Bithanbi

Mesut Kurtis - Rouhi Fidak | مسعود كُرتِس - روحي فداك

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Arab Idol Assaf New Song for Gaza, Palestine (Video) Raise Your Head High

The son of Gaza, Palestine took a break from work, music, and self promotion to dedicate his time, energy, and resources to help Gaza at this critical time. So he recorded a song for Gaza and the men and women of that land, it's about raising one's head and being proud of one's resilience and freedom.

This is a song he recorded and released quickly, directed by a distant cousin of mine who is young director in Gaza. Not sure how that worked out, but it seems like they worked together on this personal song. It had to have a guy form Gaza direct it, to better capture the emotion and the stories.

Note how the only from of resistance in this video is stone throwing--not the other kind....but the video captures the Israeli aggression without being too angry. Assaf wanted to be with his people and I think this song is coming from the right place. The beauty of this song that even though it's a manly song it has been written by a young woman from a refugee camp in Gaza.

ارفع راسك هذا سلاحك - محمد عساف Raise Your Head High- Mohammed

After The Voice, Marwa Naji Sings For TV Dramas

As a rule of thump, Egyptian musicians prefer to work with local artists from home--they prefer their countrymen over all the other nationalities. Unless, more money is involved or the non-Egyptian artist is a sexy one. Now The Voice from MBC has a rare Egyptian talent Marwa Najy, she can really sin, carry a tune and hold her breath.

So for one Egyptian drama, they ask her to record the opening and closing credit songs. This is awesome when they give attention to young talents who are really gifted and smile like Marwa does. I know hundreds of young Egyptian singers, very few of them are as talented as Marwa, and even fewer are as marketable as she is.

أغنية: حاوي غاوي "من مسلسل تفاحة آدم " - مروى ناجي

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pearl Jam Singer Blasts War Happy Countries #GazaUnderFire #TruthHurts

At a recent Pearl Jam concert at the Milton Keyes National Bowl in England, frontman Eddie Vedder took to the mic to air his views on the conflict in the Middle East. During the song ‘Daughter,’ the singer let loose a profanity-filled tirade against war in general, but with comments that many claim refer to the Palestine/Israel conflict. You can watch the video above.

After leading the audience in singing "no more war," Vedder said: "So what the f***? What the f***? We can have this many people having a peaceful time. We can have modern technology. We can reach our friends. They know what we're thinking before we're thinking it.

 The advertisers know what we’re thinking before we’re thinking it. We have technology, all this in our hands.” “'But at the same time something this positive is happening, at the same f***ing time, not even that far away, people are f***ing dropping bombs on each other."

In what seemed as an attack against the Israeli operation in Gaza and its ramifications, although he did not explicitly mention the Jewish state by name, Vedder added: "And I get if war is the last resort, if they're coming on you, I can get it, I get it. You don't want to be in that situation. But I swear to f***ing God, there are some people out there who are looking for a reason to kill.

"They’re looking for a reason to go across borders and take over land that doesn’t belong to them, and they should get the f*** out, mind their own f***ing business… Stop the f***ing sh** now! Now! Now! We don’t want to give them our money. They don't get our taxes to drop bombs on children."

Alaa Zalzali Moving Song For The Heroes In Palestine!

Not too many in the music industry are offering support for Gaza and Palestine. All of sudden being from Palestine became a bad word, somehow supporting a population of civilians under attack became a risky move for our fellow Arabic in the media, the news and political arena.

Luckily, we can always go back and visit the old songs, here's one by Lebanese pop star Alaa Zalzali. It's a heartfelt song about united Arab Palestine Muslim and Christians. He is one of the good guys singing for Jerusalem and Christ, the innocent--talks about Israeli aggression on Lebanese children, the occupation of the Golan Heights, and Sinai.

Alaa is a shy guy who does not do the whole media circus, but he took a giant leap with this song, I love the part about how we are not terrorists.  

i7na mish erhabyaعلاء زلزلى احنا مش ارهابية

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Salim Assaf, The Dude Musician Who Knows Women Very Well

Romance duets are awesome, they sell a fantasy and if they are well-made, they tend to stick around for a longer period of time. Salim Assaf, the complete Lebanese musician stands tall among his peers, he writs, both lyrics and music and then he sings with a warm voice if he had to. In Lebanon, he is the guy you call when you want to show your weak side or the idea that both men and women can be vulnerable.

The Lebanese ladies of pop love to work with him or get some of his songs, he knows how it feels to be a woman, and he writes it better than many women can. It's perhaps that he knows romance very well and that he might have had a life filled with love and relationships.

Salim is the guy you go to to show your soft side, he is not a ruthless warrior but he knows how to tell a love story from the inside very well. His songs expresses thoughts on how love makes one person feels, and he takes these thoughts and jots them into a paper, since he writes music, it does not take him a long time to get a song made. Salim writes songs for guys too and his songs make them look like a legendary romantic who are big on epic love.

This is one of his collaborations with Vivian Mrad....

By #SalimAssaf- عذاب الحب فيفيان مراد

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Ladies Who Recorded This Historic War And Peace Song For #Palestine #Gaza

War is about men for the most part, for three gifted Arab vocalists who happen to be women, life is not fair. Somehow they managed to put their voices on one of the most classical Palestine song about resistance, justice, and about Jerusalem. The doves of Jerusalem is that's a song that runs longer than ten minutes, and it appeals to a lot of emotions.

The ladies are Amal Arafah (Syria) Sawsan Hamami (Tunis) and Julia Botros (Lebanon).
The song was released during the first intifada in the late 80s, and it was a popular hit then that keeps coming back whenever there is an Israeli attack--there are so frequent. The lyrics are the work of Libyan poet Ali Alkilani.

The song is powerful and the images that accompany it are even bolder--the conflict has evolved since then--and so has fashion, one thing remains this is about justice and Israeli will not be able to bomb its way into having a stable country.

اغنية يا حمام القدس

Listen: Hamaki - Enta El- A'zeam Prayer (You're the Greatest

Pop star Hamaki released yet another prayer for Ramadan, and it did it with music this time. I like the affects on his voice, he is still the same star we have come to love his voice, only more humble and relaxed. I like the calm voices that radiates through these tracks every time.

Hamaki joins hundreds of stars who record and release supplications for the holy month, asking for forgiveness from above. They tend to use an collection of the 99 names God has given himself asking the same thing.
Hamaki - Enta El- A'zeam Prayer (You're the Greatest)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

This Ramadan Star Academy Winner Mahmoud Mohey Thinks About God

The most exciting young star from 2014 is The Voice Mahmoud Mohey, he is a big deal for his fans. And just a month ago he had a hit song that got people talking. Now, he slows down and releases a Ramadan supplication. I like these, and tend to be soft on artists doing them. Such tracks are personal and not meant for profit. Also music is not a big part of it....just the vocals and whatever the artist has on his hear.

محمود محى - فى الملكوت 2014 | النسخة الاصلية

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Download: Elissa 2014 Superb Album #HaletHob

 Samples are here

Elissa is preparing for the release of her latest album with Rotana...other than having an interesting cover art, the album will not feature two of her biggest collaborators in the past. It seems she lost some serious talents that gave her some of her better songs and most memorable hits. I think this will be a good album, it sounds like she is the same again and that's not too bad. Rotana will market the hell of out of this album, here are the two composers who won't be collaborating with Elissa on this album.

Download the album Here
  1. Marwan Khoury who hated fighting with Rotana over his rights and payments. He got sick of them and asked them not to include his song on Elissa's album. Marwan is still cool with Elissa though. Rotana talked back and said they do not care about Marwan or his song. This is a big loss for Elissa as Marwan knows how to make a song perfect for Elissa.
  2. Mohamed Rahim shared on his Facebook a post where he denied that his songs were removed from Elissa's album. He said, that he did not even record any songs with Elissa, and stated that he chose not to work with her from the get go on this album. He did not say why he chose not to collaborate with Elissa this once, but he wanted to make sure we knew he was not eliminated. 
The album will have 14 tracks and it's already available for pre-order on iTunes. Download the album Here am not too happy about the timing of the release, Israel's brutal war on Gaza and Ramadan do not help, it's also insensitive.  

Elissa - Hob Kol Hayaty (Sample) 2014 / جديد اليسا - حب كل حياتي

Elissa New Album Samples - Halet Hob 2014 / سيمبلات البوم اليسا - حالة

Teenage Romance, The Arabic Mixtape ويسعدني أن أمزق نفسي لأجلكِ أيتها الغالية

Kadem leads the way, and then comes some other romantic songs, this is a YouTube video that plays like a mixed tape, made for the one you want to tell them you love them. Instead of telling them right out, you would hire someone else to do it for you. Sure, the other guys sound a lot better, and say it way better, but they are not you.

This is a good tape, you get songs from a number of countries, and they are make the case of how much in love you are. I love the cover, it's for the ages. Confession, I used to love the opening song ten years ago.

ويسعدني أن أمزق نفسي لأجلكِ أيتها الغالية

Friday, July 11, 2014

Anwar El Amir Goes To America

Lebanese every man Anwar El Amir is visiting the States on tour and tourism. He is a cool guy, cool enough to go and stand on top of the American city of Chicago in that glass window. The Willis Tower on floor 103 to be exact. He performed in three American States, Arizona, Florida and Texas.

But aside from that, he has a new single and it's about being robbed and denied love. It's a cool track and I love the English intro to this song, "guess who is back?" I like him here, he changes gears and gives us some joyful energy drizzled with romance.

Anwar El Amir Harmouny أنور الأمير حرموني

Two Songs For #Gaza #Assaf And Rashed AlMajid

These are not new songs, they are songs recorded in the past for Gaza, Palestine. One comes from Mohamed Assaf, the Arab Idol who is from Gaza. And the other is from beloved statesman of Gulf music Rashed AlMajid--he released in 2009 after that huge Israeli aggression on Gaza.

I do not know if songs help change anything, but the help heal, they provide a cooling affect in some minds as they feel helpless trapped under indiscriminate shilling. It seems the Arab regimes are mum about what goes in Gaza, I look at you jerks who are running Egypt at the moment--in 2012 the president of Egypt sent his Prime Minister to stand in solidarity with Gaza, the current regime won't even open hospitals or send ambulances.

Back to the Assaf song, I do not think it's a classic, it's a throwaway song, Assaf needs to make a better song, something tells me he mightbe working on one already.

جديد محمد عساف | مبروك نصرك يا مقاوم

يا غزة - راشد الماجد | فيديو كليب 2009

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pray for Egyptian singer @amrmostafa he is losing his mind #GazaUnderAttack

Wacky Egyptian composer turned singer turned political commentator turned idiot Amr Mostafa is at it again. He started attacking other Egyptians--the revolutionaries of January 25th in 2011 and 2012, then he turned his venom on the Muslims Brotherhood group in 2013, but in 2014 he is going beyond the borders of beloved Egypt. This time he is going after Palestine and Gaza in particular. Amr is a delusional nationalist who thinks Egypt thrives by closing its borders and suppressing the youth and people with different views.

Now in a series of posts (rants) on Facebook, Amr is telling Palestinians under indiscriminate killing in Gaza, that he won't go to war for them. He thinks we are trying to get the Egyptian army involved in some war with a country he loves Israel. In his mind, Israel is the friend and ally, and Palestinians and Hamas are the enemies. He goes further and attacks those who offer solidarity with follow Arabs in Palestine. He tells people of Gaza, "we are used to the blood and gore in Egypt", we are no longer feeling your pain he says. These attacks take place in the month of Ramadan when Muslims are supposed to stand in unity, but Amr Mostafa is his own prophet. He is also attacking Egyptian anchors for sympathizing with Gaza--he does not want to hear anything about Gaza.

I do not understand why would be start attacking Gaza and be in the company of right-wing extremist Israeli government. There are Israelis who are against the war on Gaza, but to see an Egyptian "patriot" for the war is a first. I am afraid he is sensing that the war on Gaza is embarrassing Mr. tough guy General Sisi and showing him as a fraud when he was quoted saying "Any Arab country that needs us, it will be a matter of commute for us to be there"

He is where Amr Mostafa and his likes are wrong:

  1. Palestinians do not want a handout from Egypt, they just want the government to stop trapping them with the closure of the Rafah Crossing. Palestinians are not coming into Egypt, they are merely passing through to go some other place.
  2. Palestinians do not want people to go to war on their behalf--they do fine all by themselves with no help, they are now scaring the fifth biggest army in the world.
  3. Amr Mostafa equated Gaza with the Muslim Brotherhood and since he hated these guys he finds it shameful to care about what they cared about out of pride and stubbornness. a flawed logic.
  4. Not every one in Gaza is Hamas, so he does not have to enjoy this too much.
  5. There are thousands of families in Gaza who are Egyptian citizens--they have been so for generations.
  6. Not everyone that is being targeted and killed is from Hamas. Kids are losing their lives.
  7. Egypt has always supported Palestine in words, at least since 1973. If that offends you, then you may need to change your therapist.
  8. The affects Gaza and Hamas are exaggerated by people like you--Gaza is not a threat to Egypt and no they are not part of some "secret" plot to take over Sinai.
  9. Hamas is not ISIS as you cite, they actually never get along.
  10. A strong Egypt is good for everyone--go talk to other Egyptians about divisions. Fascists like you know nothing of civil conversation. Perhaps he should go talk to the Gulf countries now who control piece of Egypt now with their many investments mega projects, allowing them a say in Egypt's national discourse.
  11. God bless Egypt for its people, go rebuild a country and stop blaming others for your problems
  12. We will pray for you and our family.....may God help you find some goodness in your heart.

Amr Diab Steals Randa Hafez's Prayer (Video)

I do not know about this, artists sometimes rip each other for stealing songs from them, music, lyrics and concepts. I do not think I have ever seen one accuses the other of stealing's a prayer they had put their voice. Randa Hafez, the young Egyptian pop star released a supplication in 2011, the verses of her prayer have been written be the late poet Magdy Al Najjar.

Fast-forward to 2014, and it seems the same track has been picked up by Amr Diab whose friendship with the late poet is hard to deny. Now Randa Hafez considers the late poet her mentor. Randa wrote about this on her Facebook, but it seems that post has been removed. She said she was not upset that Amr chose to perform that track--she is only hurt that he chose the one track that has been written by her mentor.

The lyrics are the same, the titles are not. Randa is a huge fan of Amr Diab, she even titled her 2008 (Mayalah) in the fashion of a beloved Amr Diab song (Mayal).

Randa Hafez - Batlob El Hidaya / راندا حافظ - بطلب الهداية

Amr Diab - Prayer ALLAH (God) عمرو دياب - دعاء اللَّه

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The interesting history of Egyptain family band 4M


It was a family band formed in 1979 by Ezzat Abu El Ouf, the Egyptian actor who started as a singer. But he is also a physician by training. If you were born in the 70s and early 80s, you would know for this the 4 M band. Mona, Maha, Manal and Mervit, making the 4 Ms in the 4 M band. Ezzat's name is actually Mohammed. The sisters all graduated from the American University.

At first they started doing a cool and fresh cover of popular oldies, and the did very well. then they took on their own fun songs, and that left us with few memorable original tracks. They released 8 albums, one of them is a disco one. Ezzat left the medical profession to focus on the band, and they took part of many music festivals inside Egypt--their first was in the city of Alexandria.

4 M takes credit for introducing Mohammed Fouad who joined the band in 1982 and sang live with them for the first time in his professional life. They band separated with its members started to get married one after the other.

for more videos and history on the band in Arabic, click here
فرقة فور أم .. أنا كل ما قول التوبة

ذكريات زمان - دبدوبة التخينة - فرقة الفور ام

4m الفور ام الليله الكبيرة - طار في الهوا

Marwa Naser New #Ramadan Prayer

Marwa Nasr is finishing her new album would should be dropping in the music market after Ramadan. But she knows best that the holy month of Ramadan is not to be overlooked, so she released her own special prayer on music track.

The standard Ramadan track, minimalist music, meek creatures asking God's forgiveness and generously with them. And yes, not to forget the shots of the nature. I like Marwa's voice, however, I think she approached this song as she would approached any of her romantic songs. Maybe it's just that her voice that sounds good with a bit of sultry. I like it

Marwa Nasr - Ya Allam El Ghyoub | مروة نصر - يا علام الغيوب

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Tabassam" By Mesut Kurtis Is Worth Every Dollar! @MKurtisOfficial

Here's to a handsome young and talented vocalist whose voice is all about doing good and inspiring Muslims world-wide. Mesut Kurtis just released his album, something of an event that should be celebrated from this hard-working musician with a heart of gold.

His new album "Tabassam" and my new music video "Rouhi Fidak" (I'd Scarifice My Life For You) about our beloved, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Here he prays that Allah accepts this humble effort for His sake alone and that it is blessed, and I hope that you will like the new album. What he is not saying is to answer critics who think he is in it for the vanity. While these things come with the territory Mesut is one of the rare talents actually contribute to world peace. He titled his album "Smile" to remind people it's important to do that. In fact, smiling in Islam is an act of charity.

While he lived and prospered in the West, he finds himself bored inside a board room meeting. It's about the inner peace. Too much pressure in his life, and he decides to seek refuge in the lessons thought by the prophet of Islam. This is not his first song where he declares his love for the prophet, his debut song talked about the very subject from a different aspect.

This song is a lot more relaxed than his previous songs, but it works well for his style and calm voice. He searches for a mosque and then finds peace inside one as he prays. His song is in Arabic, even though Arabic is not his native tongue. The album features 12 tracks of spiritually uplifting material that's actually awesome.


Mesut Kurtis - Rouhi Fidak | مسعود كُرتِس - روحي فداك

Monday, July 7, 2014

Meet The Kick Ass Jordanian American Drummer @The_AlaaAR

For a guy who likes Western music, Alaa A R took a big leap and drummed an Arabic song. He chose one with a bit of Western beat and flavor for the proactive Egyptian pop sensation Tamer Hosny. Here's how Alaa A R saw this song:

"I have never (in my 16 years of drumming) thought I would ever jam to an Arabic tune. Honestly, I really felt like experimenting on this specific track, and personally, I think it turned out great. I really enjoyed the process that turned out to be really challenging for some reason."

I know there's an active indie and alternative music scene in Amman Jordan, people travel to appear in such music festivals and attend some of a musical experience so rare in the region. Not clear how Amman was able to be the Arab capital of alternative music, but nonetheless it seems to have done a good job.

See Alaa's drumming skills and enjoy this show....a start would be to listen to music that has great drumming. But Alaa reproduces the song as he has the essential to making his own beats. He keeps a steady rhythm flowing. Drummers are about KICKING SOME ASS. Drums are powerful, glaring, unmissable, crude, bulky, clumsy, inappropriate, primal and AWESOME. The person who masters the unwieldy cylinders must own these traits. No wimps allowed. Drums are not for the faint of heart. Play the melodies in your head, make up your own style, no matter how simple or complicated, and you will kick plenty of ass. Alaa does it here

Tamer Hosny ft Snoop Dogg - Si Al Sayed (Drum Cover by Alaa A R)

This Song Goes To Mohammed Abukhader #Palestine #Jerusalem

Countries are built and defended by the men and women who are unafraid to sacrifice and give what's their most dear possessions to see the motherland succeed. Every country has this, it's not limited to one a culture or another. I saw this in America after 9/11 and and see it in Palestine now and when I lived there.

You see the droves of young folks rioting to protest the settlers violence in Jerusalem--they kidnapped an young Palestinian boy and burned him a life after poring gasoline on him and through his mouth. Now, another hideous crime has been committed where three Israeli youngsters were abducted and turned out to be dead two weeks later--no one took credit for that. Mohammed Abukhader who has nothing to do with politics, he just was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Leave this aside and see this young by a young activist with a dazzling voice, she is singing a rallying cry for her fellow Palestinian youth. It's an old Palestinian song about youth coming to the rescue of their homeland, with fire and gun powder--I like it more when it is kept peaceful. I like the voice and performance of the song by this young person who has a good voice.  
هبت النار والبارود غنى - اطلب شباب يا وطن وتمنى!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

WATCH: Pepsi Masterfully Recreates That Pop Culture Past #Ramadan

The famous duo from that popular hit song from the early nineties tamed up once again for a song, a nostalgic track about the past, and getting busy. They are the best artists for this kind of song as they have not been on the same song for almost 20 years! They have certainly gotten older, but they remain in the music business. They put their voices on a new video production that may wet your eyes as you watch the duo and other celebrities pick up where they left.

They did more than one song together, but in the two songs where they appeared together on a music video one was in the 80s and one in the 90s.....they skipped a decade and return in 2014 for a commercial song for a soft drink. The song mentions Ramadan, being together, watching TV soap operas. It's both fun and sweet, but true. About how life gets in the way and people not seeing one another for a long time. You will see the Egyptian soccer team that took part of the 1990 World Cup, and that performing band 4M

This is a happy Ramadan song that means so much for for those who grew up watching these two guys make one hit after another. It was not easy to get all these celebrities from sports, music, TV and movies, theater together to film a nostalgic commercial. Pepsi really outdone itself her. Forget the other soft drink company, no one else tried to do this before, Pepsi did it and did it so well with grace and beauty. They all come back to life as if they were younger!

This is the most beautiful commercial I have seen in my lifetime....I do not recall a commercial that got me to tear up, this one did. As I look at these cultural icons that I grew up with, I cannot help but think about that simple time.

Pepsi Ramdan 2014 - Yalla Nekamel Lametna بيبسي رمضان ٢٠١٤ - يلا نكمل لمتنا

اغنية يلا نكمل لمتنا - هشام عباس وحميد الشاعرى | بيبسى رمضان 2014

 حميد الشاعري وهشام عباس .. عيني

Halal Aleak - Hesham Abbas & Hamid حـلال عليك - هشام عباس وحميد الشاعرى

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Marwa Nagy @marwanagy82 From The Voice To Adam's Apple

Marwa Naji returns this Ramadan with an excellent track for a TV drama.  I now know where she is missed, one of the greatest and best young vocalists out there. Fresh from the Voice's first seasons, her name was made into the big list.

Marwa joined team Saber Robaei during her stint on the program, this song she made it hers, and Egypt has been blessed with her talent. The song is for the TV drama "Adam's Apple" check out her new track and appreciate it the smoothness and the wisdom the song offers.
Khaled Hammad composed the music for this masterpiece.

The artist and the song are unique but I cannot help but think of the voice and style of Ghada Raghab. I like the softness Marwa voice's comes in combined with overpowering strength.
مروى ناجي - أغنية: يا جلاد البشر مالك "من مسلسل تفاحة آدم "

Friday, July 4, 2014

Video: Ehmej Festival Kicks Of w Festive Lebanese Zafe زفّة لبنانية في مهرجان اهمج

Zafe can be defined as a marching band surrounded by dancers and people carrying various foreign objects with sweets and rice showing the masses. What would be an equivalent for Zafe in the Western culture? I am speechless, but I know it's all about good times.

Zafe is a group of people who have a good reason to be joyous and happy like at wedding or at some other delightful occasion--say graduation or a promotion. Sometimes they have sarcastic zafe too. The video below you see the opening of Ehmej music festival with the band doing their thing as the key guests walk vivaciously.

Zafe is an Arab thing, it exists in Lebanon, Syrian, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt, other places have it too, take for example in the Gulf, they make it rain with cash. This is the time to play bouncy and bubbly music.

 استقبال وزير السياحة فادي عبود مع زفّة لبنانية في مهرجان اهمج