Sunday, July 6, 2014

WATCH: Pepsi Masterfully Recreates That Pop Culture Past #Ramadan

The famous duo from that popular hit song from the early nineties tamed up once again for a song, a nostalgic track about the past, and getting busy. They are the best artists for this kind of song as they have not been on the same song for almost 20 years! They have certainly gotten older, but they remain in the music business. They put their voices on a new video production that may wet your eyes as you watch the duo and other celebrities pick up where they left.

They did more than one song together, but in the two songs where they appeared together on a music video one was in the 80s and one in the 90s.....they skipped a decade and return in 2014 for a commercial song for a soft drink. The song mentions Ramadan, being together, watching TV soap operas. It's both fun and sweet, but true. About how life gets in the way and people not seeing one another for a long time. You will see the Egyptian soccer team that took part of the 1990 World Cup, and that performing band 4M

This is a happy Ramadan song that means so much for for those who grew up watching these two guys make one hit after another. It was not easy to get all these celebrities from sports, music, TV and movies, theater together to film a nostalgic commercial. Pepsi really outdone itself her. Forget the other soft drink company, no one else tried to do this before, Pepsi did it and did it so well with grace and beauty. They all come back to life as if they were younger!

This is the most beautiful commercial I have seen in my lifetime....I do not recall a commercial that got me to tear up, this one did. As I look at these cultural icons that I grew up with, I cannot help but think about that simple time.

Pepsi Ramdan 2014 - Yalla Nekamel Lametna بيبسي رمضان ٢٠١٤ - يلا نكمل لمتنا

اغنية يلا نكمل لمتنا - هشام عباس وحميد الشاعرى | بيبسى رمضان 2014

 حميد الشاعري وهشام عباس .. عيني

Halal Aleak - Hesham Abbas & Hamid حـلال عليك - هشام عباس وحميد الشاعرى


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