Monday, July 7, 2014

This Song Goes To Mohammed Abukhader #Palestine #Jerusalem

Countries are built and defended by the men and women who are unafraid to sacrifice and give what's their most dear possessions to see the motherland succeed. Every country has this, it's not limited to one a culture or another. I saw this in America after 9/11 and and see it in Palestine now and when I lived there.

You see the droves of young folks rioting to protest the settlers violence in Jerusalem--they kidnapped an young Palestinian boy and burned him a life after poring gasoline on him and through his mouth. Now, another hideous crime has been committed where three Israeli youngsters were abducted and turned out to be dead two weeks later--no one took credit for that. Mohammed Abukhader who has nothing to do with politics, he just was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Leave this aside and see this young by a young activist with a dazzling voice, she is singing a rallying cry for her fellow Palestinian youth. It's an old Palestinian song about youth coming to the rescue of their homeland, with fire and gun powder--I like it more when it is kept peaceful. I like the voice and performance of the song by this young person who has a good voice.  
هبت النار والبارود غنى - اطلب شباب يا وطن وتمنى!


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