Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Ramadan Counter Tracks By Aziz El Shafie @azizelshaf3i

Again, Aziz El Shafie releases yet another Ramadan supplication, one for each day. He did the first day, now he is at it for the third time. I did not take him for a religious guy, but the surprise makes it worth it. Aziz sounds at his finest as he meekly prays and asks for forgiveness.

Most artists do not this kind of songs for the paycheck, in fact they do them for free, with the hope of doing a good deed that would stick around even after they have moved on from this life. The second day track is a lot more happier than the first and the third one. This is the festive kind, and it sounds in a distinct dialect.
EL 3ADAD 3 RAMADAN عزيز الشافعي و عمر طاهر

EL 3ADAD - 2 RAMADAN عزيز الشافعي و عمر طاهر


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