Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shy Marwan Khoury Fires At Rotana @iMarwanKhoury @AudioRotana @RotanaMagz

On his official Facebook account, the shy but talented Lebanese composer and singer Marwan Khoury has fired at Saudi company Rotana. The resourceful composer had given Elissa a new song which he composed. this is the third collaboration between him and Elissa. They had worked on two hit songs before. Marwan Khoury has told the producers of Elissa's upcoming album not to use his song on the album.

Marwan Khoury was clear, this is not an issue with Elissa, they are friends. This is an issue with Rotana who seems to want the artists to give away his rights as the talent behind the song. He seems frustrated with the negotiation and the conditions imposed by Rotana. He talked about his rights and payments from the work. And he seems to be tired of this antics by Rotana. Marwan Khoury is a smart guy who does not like drama and u8nlike many of the people who took issues with Rotana, his issue I take seriously. It's a matter of respect and principle concluded the artist.

Rotana responded quickly and in my judgment they made things worse, "we supported Marwan Khoury, we stood by his side" "we produced four albums for him" "we are surprised by his statements" "everyone in the business agrees to our terms" I doubt any of these statements would help sway Marwan's heart. "we wish him anyone else well if they do not want to comply with our clauses" I think Elissa has a say here, so far she has not commented, but I know she has a special place in Rotana, and I won't be surprised if in few days, she would get both parties to agree.

I think Rotana is a tone deaf company that strives to find a cookie cutter solution, where one size fits all, but this is not true in an industry that has names with varying talents and egos. I take Marwan seriously, and I know he is a big name whose talent is hard to deny. I know many Egyptian composers and lyricists have been attacking Rotana for ages, but until now, they have not had a name with the respect of Marwan join them.

He would not have spoken about this had he not feared the press to start creating a rift between him and his friend Elissa. Rotana in other hand, should fire whoever wrote that press release, it's really unprofessional and makes matters worse. Marwan Khoury did a lot of sales for the company, he was not a charity case. Rotana helped him, but he has other companies chasing him.

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