Saturday, July 5, 2014

Marwa Nagy @marwanagy82 From The Voice To Adam's Apple

Marwa Naji returns this Ramadan with an excellent track for a TV drama.  I now know where she is missed, one of the greatest and best young vocalists out there. Fresh from the Voice's first seasons, her name was made into the big list.

Marwa joined team Saber Robaei during her stint on the program, this song she made it hers, and Egypt has been blessed with her talent. The song is for the TV drama "Adam's Apple" check out her new track and appreciate it the smoothness and the wisdom the song offers.
Khaled Hammad composed the music for this masterpiece.

The artist and the song are unique but I cannot help but think of the voice and style of Ghada Raghab. I like the softness Marwa voice's comes in combined with overpowering strength.
مروى ناجي - أغنية: يا جلاد البشر مالك "من مسلسل تفاحة آدم "


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