Friday, July 25, 2014

Download: Karim Mohsen 2014 Happy Album البوم كريم محسن - عن تجربة

Kareem Mohsen returns with a stellar album, created in silence and mastered to perfection from this dazzling musician who burst to the music sense in 2010 and has yet to slow down. He presents his second album, and boy is it good?

You cannot help but want to dance to his beat....he is smooth, slick and funky fresh. I like his new look, style and that he has finally found his comfort zone. He left the shadow of that other star who helped introduce him. He is now Kimo the Primo....a cool nickname he gave himself. He composed the music, but if you did not know that, you would be able to guess, it's a good beat. He gets 14 chances here to make things right, and he does succeed.

You be the judge? You need to check him out because he is what the cool kids are now following. His onscreen charm cannot be overlooked just like his talent of making dancy tunage.

Here's the link for the songs on this album  

02.Alby Haded
03.An Tagreba
04.Ana Mertah
05.Bahlam Bek
06.Banady Aleik
07.Helwa El Hayah Ma'ah
08.Lawn Einek
10.Maly Einy
11.Mesh Hamsek Feik
12.Rouh Shof Hayatak
13.Wad Met'alem
14.Ya Toul Balak

Karim Mohsen - Wad Met'alem Music Video | كريم محسن - فيديو كليب واد متعلم


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