Monday, July 28, 2014

The First Egyptian To Sing For #Gaza Bravo @MahmudMohey

The first Egyptian artist to stand in solidarity with Gaza and actually record a song in support. This is normally not big news, but since the regime in Egypt appears to be silent on assault on Gaza, it's bold to see a young talented artists to be moved by the Israeli massacres and record a song for Gaza at this very dark hour. At a time when Palestine became a four letter word in Egypt, it's refreshing to see a young artist take a step at this time.

Mahmud Mohy won big on Star Academy, he made many Egyptian proud of him, but now he may be doing something to make all Arabs proud. "I am doing all I can do" for Gaza. Bless you Mohy, your talent is being put to a good place. I hope he does not get attacked for standing in solidarity with innocent people being slaughtered living few hours away form him.
 The yet to be released song seems like a serious song with some talented people behind it. "The song is about the massacres that happen to our people in Gaza daily" I love how he sported that well-known Palestinian scarf. The song has been titled "Inside The Neighborhood", the song, the music, and the lyrics are the work of Mohy himself.

Thank you Mahmud, I know we wrote about you here before and have celebrated your hit single on this blog, we are grateful for your talent and big heart.
جوه الحاره | محمود محيي الدين


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