Thursday, July 3, 2014

"I Am Coming Home, God" Song

I am coming to you God, says the new song, which is to say that I am gonna die, let's hope naturally. This is the Rahal song which the name of the artist means traveler, and the topic of the song fits well with that name. I cannot say that I do not love these glorious and personal images that accompany the song.

Ramadan has its own music, but I am impressed by Rahal and his quality voice. It's a voice that sounds one hair away from crying. I do not know much about Rahal other than this song, I have not hear him sing other songs. This is a cute music video that talks about diversity and spirituality, not showing off. It's about a grandfather with his grandkids going standing to pray next to him, a mother with her little girl. A song about strength.

Gailak ya raab - Rahal جايلك يارب - رحال


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