Monday, July 28, 2014

My Thoughts on Elissa Download: البوم اليسا - حالة حب 2014

She is the babe for many who like Arabic romance songs, the dudes dig her because she sings and sounds like the perfect girl--that might not be a real girl, but she sells that sacrifice-loving soul. Ladies think of her as symbol of glamour and fashion. She is beloved in Egypt and in Lebanon. The Gulf thinks she makes no mistakes...and thus they keep paying her to make more music and bring in more concerts.

She is happy to spend most of her time, traveling the world, hanging out with her friend all over the place--she may even pay them to fly with her--we hear she is not really very generous. But when it came to making new songs, she is all serious. She spares no expense to work with the best to get the best. She is demanding, but she knows what works for her--she has been write every single time. That means every single album she recorded and released it became a hit.

She is not a warm personalty, nor does she has social skills. She is not someone you would want to kick it with, she seems to be flat and not intellectually curios. But she makes good songs, she may not live these songs, but she performs well. Then comes her bunny album cover art and her mirror. She is giving her back to her fans, as she seems to be too busy thinking in her head. Now her album got leaked, so the producers Rotana rushed it to the market.  

The lyrics fees tired, the music feels dated, the arrangement nothing earth-shattering. Still not a good album, it keeps Elissa in the game

P.S. May lord have mercy on Gaza and its people.

Download the album Here

01 - Awel Mara
02 - Law Etaabelna
03 - Ana Nefssi
04 - Beraghm El Zorouf
05 - Omr Gedid
06 - Ana Magnoona
07 - Wagat Alby
08 - Insana Bereeaa
09 - Add El Ayam
10 - Bataly Tehebeeh
11 - Helwa Ya Baladi
12 - Ya Merayti
13 - Hob Kol Hayaty
14 - Halet Hob

Download the album Here

Take the album for a test run here or try this one here too


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