Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Retrun Of the Magic Man Georges Wassouf Live in Beirut Concert (Video)

He is the Sultan of Arab music, the man whose fans and non-fans celebrate him alike, the icon of Tarab, the man form Syria who has survived a series of health setbacks that took him years to recover. After stints in rehab in half a dozen countries he returns to perform live on stage in the city of Biuret.

His return was a huge deal, this is why a well-known Lebanese TV presenter was there to introduce him and honor him as his first public event that makes his  return. Lebanon showered him with love, and he took a bib step forward to entertain them and assure them that he is not going anywhere. He even gave a speech.

Bless this man for he has brought us many joys for over three decades. He is the guy who sang as a kit and continues to dazzle us.

Georges Wassouf Beirut Concert جورج وسوف في مهرجان أعياد بيروت 2014


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