Monday, July 14, 2014

The Ladies Who Recorded This Historic War And Peace Song For #Palestine #Gaza

War is about men for the most part, for three gifted Arab vocalists who happen to be women, life is not fair. Somehow they managed to put their voices on one of the most classical Palestine song about resistance, justice, and about Jerusalem. The doves of Jerusalem is that's a song that runs longer than ten minutes, and it appeals to a lot of emotions.

The ladies are Amal Arafah (Syria) Sawsan Hamami (Tunis) and Julia Botros (Lebanon).
The song was released during the first intifada in the late 80s, and it was a popular hit then that keeps coming back whenever there is an Israeli attack--there are so frequent. The lyrics are the work of Libyan poet Ali Alkilani.

The song is powerful and the images that accompany it are even bolder--the conflict has evolved since then--and so has fashion, one thing remains this is about justice and Israeli will not be able to bomb its way into having a stable country.

اغنية يا حمام القدس


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