Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Smiling Man! @nicolaselosta Warm New Hit Song Nicolas El Osta fik el chifa نقولا الأسطا فيك الشفا

Nicolas El Osta or Nicola for short is a big deal at home, and whatever place Lebanese call it home, they take him with them. He is the happy warrior of Lebanese pop, the soft-spoken, smiling mature man who likes to know good music and let it speak for itself.

He knows the ladies like him a lot, not only for his good look and smile that puts them at ease. He has a nice style where he is always dressed to impress and when he sings from the heart, the soul--even his eyes sing with him. And this is why it feels like a song someone in a father figure making a sweet song that invites you to relax while declaring your love.

Lyrics here are the work of MOUNIR BOU ASSAF and the music with the arrangement are the work of Bilal El Zein. Nicolas does romance in a way that allows a whole family to watch, listen without anyone feeling embarrassed. The song is about finding healing in the love of that one person.

Nicolas El Osta fik el chifa نقولا الأسطا فيك الشفا


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