Thursday, July 24, 2014

Download: Sandy 2014 Album "Helwa Gedan" ساندي - حلوه جدأ

This is a girl who like to make music, not a woman yet. She does pop songs as if any teen would approach any topic, lots of details about seemingly  unimportant things. Her fans love her and enjoy seeing her live singing in nearby malls or in a beach party. This is why she gets to make an album every year and a half or so. This time, this seems like a teen album, she likes to have fun and not to be heartbroken.

Sandy sells this image to teens very well--even thought she must be at leaser in her mid 20s.  11 tracks, even a song in English titled Lady Killer--hope this is not a literal song. Here, she does something which is sing for her fans, and gives them what they like, she does lots of pop songs or tries to do it in American style. The lead song is pretty cool to dance to, I love he beat.

She filmed his join somewhere here in the States. It feels like Selena Gomez should pop in the screen. Unsure about the panda, but Egypt seems to be obsessed with them at the moment. The song about Sandy thinking she is hot, cute and spunky....she pulls it off, this is a song that feels like the cast of glee gave her a hand. I like the donuts joke and the cop. This is funky and coll attempt, it works for Sandy, not many can replicate this. She is a neutrally and the album glows happiness. Teen love stories are funny to grownups, but for them they are the real deal.

The music composer here is Belal Srour, lyrics are for Islam Mustafa. I do not know how they make money, but Sandy keeps making new albums, she keeps a busy schedule as the young adults shell their money to see her perform live. Sandy does make sure to make new and fresh music videos. She seems to enjoy working on new music videos.

Sandy - Helwa Gedan ساندي - حلوه جدأ

01.Helwa Gedan
02.Hayah Tab3aya
04.Arosa La3ba
05.Ana We Hwa
06.Alby Tab
07.Roho Ololo
08.Men Wara Nadarty
09.Men Haky
10.Lady Killer
11.Lady Killer [Remix]

Album can be found here


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