Thursday, July 17, 2014

After The Voice, Marwa Naji Sings For TV Dramas

As a rule of thump, Egyptian musicians prefer to work with local artists from home--they prefer their countrymen over all the other nationalities. Unless, more money is involved or the non-Egyptian artist is a sexy one. Now The Voice from MBC has a rare Egyptian talent Marwa Najy, she can really sin, carry a tune and hold her breath.

So for one Egyptian drama, they ask her to record the opening and closing credit songs. This is awesome when they give attention to young talents who are really gifted and smile like Marwa does. I know hundreds of young Egyptian singers, very few of them are as talented as Marwa, and even fewer are as marketable as she is.

أغنية: حاوي غاوي "من مسلسل تفاحة آدم " - مروى ناجي


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