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Singer Hamaki Who Sang For The King of #Bahrain Demonstrates Against #Egypt Morsi

Pop star Mohammad Hamaki makes pop songs that have many fans around the Arab world. When it comes to his politics, most people do not care. But I happen to remember his song for the king of Bahrain who was (and still) murdering people in his country. Hamaki took the money and sang for the ruthless king.

But at home he seems either to not understand democracy or resent it. Now he has been busy selling soft drinks to the masses in Egypt. Now he is taking part of the streets (he is not the only one) asking the democratically elected president Morsi to go home. I recall Hamaki was not supportive of the January 25th revolution. He did not even speak about it in public.

However now, he is ready to take on his country's president and asking him to leave his office. He is not a man of principles and he should not forget that his house is made of glass. Other celebrities to march against Morsi is a well-known Syrian actor--the one with grey hair.

Hamaki-Bahrain Gulf-Lo2lo2et El 5aleg

Listen: Ramy Gamal #Egypt Revolt Song اغنية رامى جمال - افهمى | جامدة

Ramy Gamal is the heartthrob of Egypt who makes fine songs and upbeat melodies, he is a very strong and convincing voice that speaks to the heart.  He is out with a new sobering song about the motherland. This is the first non partisan song I hear and welcome.

He looks out for number one Egypt, not some party. The people are on his mind as the land and its line are on his sight. It's a beautiful song that speaks to every Egyptian and not to a certain group among them. It's a bittersweet song, it mentions the plight of the fallen, and the pains that hurt Egypt and its people.

I love those big heart songs, Ramy Gamal is the singer for all Egypt, really. unlike his peers he refuses to put the interests of few ahead of the interest of the country. 
اغنية رامى جمال - افهمى | جامدة

Listen: Latifa New 2013 Single اغنية لطيفة - عشان محتاج

The elder Tunisian songstress Latifa is still idealist. And to that subject she has a new single, and I just do not feel she is making music from the heart anymore. I am certainly a fan and will always hold her to be a great entertainer, but not feeling that in the past six years she has challenged herself.

Her album was pretty fresh--the one she released with the Rahbany brothers. But since then, I do not think she has the energy even in her voice. Latifa is too important to let her go away, she has a good heart and most of all--a strong voice that can do opera songs, but you would not know it from her recent single "Because He/She Is In Need"

How do you guys feel about her? It might be that she has lost the spark, but I think it might be that all the good songs go to the million other Arab artists.

اغنية لطيفة - عشان محتاج

اغنية لطيفة - عشان محتاج
اغنية لطيفة - عشان محتاج | النسخة الاصلية | جديد 2

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Listen: Tamer Ashour Fr3on BEST اغنية تامر عاشور - فرعون | النسخة الاصلية | تتر مسلسل فرعون

Tamer Ashour, here's a man I love his work, and his music. He recorded a song for a TV Drama that will air in Ramadan. The song is about a brutal dictator figure--The Pharaoh is the name of the song, and the name of the drama

Tamer has done it again and released yet a perfect song, a song that make your soul dance, your heart race and your mouth singing along those catchy lyrics. This is a wise a song that will help enlighten your path, while getting you entertained.

Good for you Tamer, you are a real talent and your song lands in a critical time. Some may find some comfort as they take on the streets of Egypt once again to rock the system.

Tamer Ashour Fr3on اغنية تامر عاشور - فرعون | النسخة الاصلية | تتر مسلسل فرعون

Listen: Majed Al Mohandes Bi Shi ماجد المهندس بي شي

His fans call him the lord! And he rarely disappoints them. Romance and poetic songs are his specialty and this Iraqi singer is one of the few voices that has manged to build an pan Arab fan base. He loves the Gulf and they love him there. He is a sharp dresser, know for liking white suites which means stands out on the red carpet.

He has a new single now and it comes three days after he collected a huge aware in Lebanon. He has lead the way both in singing and in music--he write for himself and for others. Majed Al Mohnades is here to stay and play.

Majed Al Mohandes Bi Shi ماجد المهندس بي شي

Comes June 30 2013 @DrBassemYoussef Will Be The Only One Laughing #Egypt

If you ask him to be accountable to what he says, he will say "I am kidding" "Please take a joke" and he is right people need to be able to laugh together to stop from crying. There are many things are are going terribly in Egypt for the moment, and real people are suffering. I still think that Bassem Yousef is not helping Egypt--he is not advancing the debate.

In America and around the world, people who do similar shows, they pick on both sides. They say side A is screwing us, and side B is also screwing us this way. Some can even get away with doing this Republicans are screwing us, and the democrats are screwing up. This is close enough to being a fair shake. But as someone who follows the news form the Bassem Yousef show, I can conclude that his formula is the following:
  1. President Morsi and his team are a bunch of an Idiot. He does not even say president. 
  2. The opposition are saints who do no wrong.
  3. The brotherhood are a group of loons who are scary and violent. 
  4. He only jokes with the opposition, but joke at the expense of the current regime in Egypt.
  5. If the current regime goes, all the problems of Egypt will go away.
This is all fine and he should be able to do that, but he should also tolerate people who criticize his show and his material. Not everyone who has issues with him is sympathizer fro the brotherhood. In fairness, his show is new and he is still figuring out the post way to do his show. Like the time when he forgot to hire a lawyer to watch the show prior to airing to make sure it does not bring laws of libel and defamation.

As for his fans, they love his show, and having said nothing nice about the president he is one of those horns who are complicating the scene in Egypt. I know he likes Egypt, but again he is getting paid to stir things up in Egypt, and as an Egyptian he has the right to do that. However, as a patriot he should tone it down. People who watch his show will be on the streets protesting and possibly clashing with police, thugs and others. He should not be a voice of division, but a voice of unity.

He has a great opportunity here to appeal to his viewers best attributes and not worst. He shot to fame due to the videos he posted after the revolution of January 25th has already happened. He picked on the media and we all loved him back then-I do not think he had any enemies back then. It was good humor, now comes the vicious attacks against people who have real responsibilities.     

Listen: Ayman Bahgat Qamar "Rebel" #Egypt أغنية اتمرد

Two premier Egyptian hit-makers teamed up to record a song urging folks to rebel against the President Morsi regime. The are saving the date June 30, 2013 and they want you to come out in the hopes of ending the regime that they do not like.

Composer Waleed Saad also sings here, the lyrics of the famous song poet Ayman Bahgat Qamar. Not only do they rebel against the current regime that was voted in democratically, they also attach the supporters who disagree with them. This is the new democracy, I will only listen to you if I like or agree with what you have to say.

I do not appreciate that terms "they", "us". I think no matter what happens there are only Egyptians. Do it for dignity and honor rebel. It's easy to urge others to do something, it's hard for us to practice what we preach. It's a low-tech low budget track. Nothing magical, almost not a song but few words weaved together with some noise.

أغنية اتمرد

Composer : Waleed Saad Arranger : Tarek Abd ElGaber Management ; Recording - Dr. Tarek Mahran Studio Strings arrangement - Dr. Medhat Abdelsamie Hashad Choir : Nadeem Gamal - Nadeem Aburass - Mohamed Mady - Shehab Ezzat - Sarah Magdy - Farida Adel - Mohamed Akram - Ghada Zaki - Summer S. Salama ... Mix by : yasser anwa

تم، منذ قليل، طرح أغنية "اتمرد"، التى كتبها الشاعر الغنائى "أيمن بهجت قمر"، ولحنها وغناها "وليد سعد"، وهى الأغنية التى تم صنعها خصيصا من أجل دعم حملة "تمرد"، ومن المقرر أن يتم طرح الفيديو كليب الخاص بالأغنية غدا بعد الانتهاء من عملية المونتاج، والذى قام بإخراجه "ياسر سامى".

الأغنية تم تقديمها أو تنفيذها بشكل أوركسترالى من توزيع "طارق عبدالجابر"، ودكتور "مدحت عبد السميع"، وقام بقيادة الأوركسترا دكتور "طارق مهران"، وذلك تحت إشراف شركة "إربيان رايتس"، وقد شارك الملحن "وليد سعد" فى الغناء مجموعة من الأطفال، يذكر أن أيمن بهجت قمر ووليد سعد كانوا من أوائل الناس الذين قاموا بالتوقيع على حملة "تمرد".

Friday, June 28, 2013

Zooming In On The Talented Lebanese Asmara

Asmara is a hot rocket moving in speed toward stardom. The Lebanese lady of sober steady pop romance with a hint of honey sweetness. She is among those safe and mature singers whose name is well known. Her fame traveled to Amman Jordan where she has a sold out concert at the Four Season hotel in the new year eve.

It was a classy concert with sophistication all around. Asmara is not chasing being popular or cool, she wants to sing and there seems to be a way for her to do that. It's refreshing to see a female voice making her name on her own terms. She is not shocking us, but rather making steady strides toward a career without alienating people or earning the wrong ones.
Asmara - Ash'ak / أسمرا - عشقاك

Asmara - Aal Halawa / أسمرة - عالحلاوة

WATCH: Maher Zain (Gets High) - Ramadan | English | Official Music Video

Ramadan is more than ten days away and the second most famous Muslim entertainer (singer who does Islamic themed songs) is releasing a music video for the happy occasion. You will find kids, families and joy all over the place. If you are a kid you would believe that people wish Ramadan was year round. But this is what the song is all about.

I like the colors and the cinematography, its a pretty cool music video. Note, how folks are waving to Maher Zain and he is waving back to them all the way from his balloon. Yes, he is the crescent of Ramadan indeed. He arrival is the arrival of the holy month observed by Muslims.

I like the valley where the filmed this upbeat music video. Maher Zain is the coolest guy on earth, he takes a balloon to go have meal with a group of folks who are expecting to break their fast with him. Dude, the images of the meal make me wish Ramadan was year-round too. Note the prayer scene.

Maher Zain - Ramadan | English | Official Music Video

Life As A Music Fan, Then Vs. Now Comparison

Buzzfeed has a nice story out that compares Life As A Music Fan, Then Vs. Now, technology changes a lot. Blame the internet, Ticket Master and most of all Apple and its inventions.

A lot has changed in the music business. They are releasing way too many albums, and sales are not keeping up. In fact, they have gone down. I think that artists now a lot better communication and engagement with their fans and lot less control over their material. Not only they sell music and posters, but they also sell T-shirts, mugs, perfume and shampoo.

Read here

Listen: THe Voice Yosra Mahnouch_Bafakar Fik | يسرا محنوش_بفكر فيك_حصري

Some things are still true, doing a good Egyptian song is awesome and it is a great  help for any new singer who is trying to make it. Yosra Mahnouch did very well on the voice and her voice is pretty much perfect for Tarab style songs where you are glued and listening to her voice and she she manipulates it. She now releases a song that mixes pop music with her very classy and passionate voice. I am a fan, but I think women would find more value in this song than myself.

Now, her friendship with the Voice mentor Kadim Saher has been a good thing for her--she will share the stage with him on at least two concerts. She is an emotional charged voice that makes you think "this lady sings for the gut" her voice is similar to many of those under-appreciated dives from the west side of the Arab world.

The song is planned to be filmed as a music video, she is promised a duet with Kadim that will see the light in August of this year.

Yosra Mahnouch_Bafakar Fik_Exclusive | يسرا محنوش_بفكر فيك_حصري

Lyrics are

بفكر فيك ومش ناسياك وباقية عليك ومش حيأس ومهما تغيب أنا فاكراك مادام عايشة وباتنفس حرام الحب بعد سنين يضيع في كلمة ولا أتنين حبيبي أنا وأنت بني آدمين غلطنا بيبقى مش مقصود في بعدك عايشة مهمومة وم اللي عملتة مصدومة وحاسة كأني مقسومة ونصي التاني مش موجود بكل ما فيا أنا عايزاك ونفسي أنك تكلمني عشان حسيت وأنا سايباك بروحي بتتسحب مني. - 

#Egypt This Funny Video By Wael Amer وائل عامر - قررت اكون اخوانى - بعد خطاب مرسى

You can laugh at this satire music video by the oddball Wael Amer. The young idealist indie artist who called for a revolution and he comes back to call for yet another one. Wael has been a popular figure among young Egyptians who hate authority and like to stir trouble.

I think in all honesty as a song and music, this is Wael's finest song to date. It's so fresh so cool and so hilarious at the time time. I know I disagree with his approach, but I like the music and the  song will give you a laugh. It's a farce on the Muslim Brotherhood, he is no fan and he asks people not to believe a word they say. "I decided to murder people and play victim" "I decided to humiliate Muslims and Christians and show Jews some love"

But he says, I decided to be one of them, due to the mess of things in Egypt. He took the president Morsi speech and made is a prop for his song. He uses the names of the Muslim Brotherhood and mocks at least six of their leaders by using their names as puns.

He also incorporates few Egyptian classics and turns them form their original purpose to mock the Islamic parties and the regime. Of course he uses slang and urges people to go down to the streets on June 30th and bring this to an end. As for the music and the mix, this is such a good job for Wael on the artistic side, he sang it and he arranged the music.  The lyrics are for Mina Majdy--a Christian name whose song is attacking the brotherhood that might not go very well with some people.

وائل عامر - قررت اكون اخوانى - بعد خطاب مرسى 26-6-2013

Video: Mohammad Assaf New Dubai Home New Dentist And Littlest Fan

Mohammad Assaf just landed in Dubai airport and naturally there were dozens of fans awaiting him. Mohammad will now cal Dubai his home for a while as he will be working for MBC and on his album. His first job is recording a title song for a new TV drama. Supposedly, the home where he will reside costs 400 thousand US dollars secured by the network. There he will have everything he needs  and his fancy ride. He is set to start working on the 29th and his first item of business is MBC network where he is set to sing and sign his posters to the fans who will show up at the network. 

When he arrived at the airport, droves of media personnel and airport staff among his fans were gathered for him. Notice, how Assaf looked like he knew some friends there  and not just the ones who kissed him. There was so much joy and love as his fans were in cloud nine and so was the young artist. I think he deserves it all--he fought for it with a bit of luck and a lot of talent. 

Local news networks in Gaza published photos if of Mohammad Assaf's youngest fans, The little girls picture was taken a t a local restaurant in Gaza where she was watching the Arab Idol and rooting for Mohammad. The little girls name is Hiya Skeek and she got to meet Mr. Idol himself after his press conference. Assaf held her and took pictures with her.

While in Beirut right before he was set to perform a song a famous dentist that has a clinic in Dubai came up to him, gave him his business card, and told him he can help him perfect his smile. Mohammad Assaf took his card and promised to call if he needed any help with his dazzling. Mohammad Inshasy is his name and he is a well known dentist that works with many Arab celebrities on getting a decent smile. Inshasy offered his services for free and I am sure this helps with the business.

Arab Idol - وصول محمد عساف لمطار دبي

WATCH: Assi El Hallani (Aka Beef Cake) In Arab Idol Extra 2013 عاصي الحلاني في برنامج

I know ladies refuse to age, but one male Lebanese star shares that with them. Assi El Hallani brought down the house in Beirut as they closed the Arab Idol Second season and bestowed the best honor on the entertaining Arab star Mohammad Assaf.

Assi performed with the artists on the stage, he had people dance and it was a riot inside the studios. He had so much energy and brought so much excitement. I do note how much he stressed that this is an Arab celebration not just for one country--I think one he was told to that and two this is how he always speaks.

Now, I do not know how old he is I would say mid forties, but he does not look it no more, he seems buff as he spends a great deal of his time working out--the dude owns a restaurant. He handed the trophy to Mohammad Assaf and spend some time hanging out with him on the stage and off it.

Assi is the sort of guy that grown men like, younger folks may not know why he maters, but he was a pop pioneer in the nineties. For better or worse, I think the show wanted to end its season with a riot, Assi gave them just that and then some.

Assi El Hallani In Arab Idol Extra 2013 عاصي الحلاني في برنامج

Listen: Mohamed El Kammah - Mashya W Saybana ya Balady / محمد القماح - ماشية وسيبانا يا بلدي

I believe he won star Academy years ago, and I know he has released an album last year. This is Mohamed El Kammah, the singer who just released a single on Egypt....the title, you are walking away from us o'country. He really loved Egypt.

This time he is hoping to pick some steam for his career. It's a tough market out there and Kammah is hoping to keep going at it. I love the lute/oud in his piece. It shows he has matured and graduated form the club euro techno mixes. He has a soft and sweet voice that matches his personality and handsome looks.

This is a talented young artist who has yet to show all what he has, but times are not ideal, trouble are brewing in Egypt.

 Mohamed El Kammah - Mashya W Saybana ya Balady / محمد القماح - ماشية وسيبانا يا بلدي

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Video: Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf Sings For #Egypt At The Airport

Minute 2:17 See Mohamad Assaf show Egypt some love, as a Palestinian and Arab he has so much pride inside him. As someone from Gaza, Egypt it means a lot more to them that many realize. The winner of Arab Idol lands in Cairo airport and then his Egyptian interviewer asks him to sing for Egypt. He does so right away. 

Best part the folks with him start singing along for Egypt. It's that famous Shadya song "Ya Habibity Ya Masr" this is the anthem of the new and the old Egypt. I know this was not staged and it was a real moment felt by Mohamad and those fans of his.

This means a lot to me because few Egyptians have expressed anger and jealousy from Mohammad as he won over the talented Ahmed Gamal. Ahmed Gamal and Mohammad Assaf are the best of friends and millions of Egyptians voted for Assaf too.  Haters gonna hate, and Assaf will keep on rocking.  

Mohammad is on his way to Cairo where he will fly out to Dubai for a song, then he shall retrun through Jordan to the West Bank for a song.    

Minute 2:17  when the song stars

لقاء مع محبوب العرب 2013 محمد عساف في مطار القاهرة

Listen: Youssef Arafat - Kamel El Awsaf | يوسف عرفات - كامل الأوصاف# #Jordan

Youssef Arafat almost won the title of Arab Idol first season, but he was runner up and a finalist. He stopped at nothing, made few singles, sang in concerts in Jordan and the Gulf. And then shot a music video in Lebanon for a sweet romantic song--written by a Jordanian lyricist. Not to forget his trio song with the two finalist from Arab Idol.

I liked Youseef and think Ragheb Alama also liked him, and wanted to work with him last year. Here's one thing about Yousef he is Palestinian by the way of Jordan. But I do not think he wanted to be a Palestinian. Do not worry, we got Mohammad Assaf now.

Now, to hear his new single which he sang in the Gulf dialect. It's a sweet song, the guy has a special voice that sounds like no other. He has a style where he can hit the high and low and in the middle you can always tell this is Youssef.

I think this is a good choice for any young artist to do songs for the Gulf, this is where the money is at their wedding parties. The song is about a perfect person, he/she has everything and it seems that Arfat is smitten. He is young and has a bright career ahead of him

Youssef Arafat - Kamel El Awsaf | يوسف عرفات - كامل الأوصاف#

@elissakh Lebanese Elissa Butts Into Egyptian Politics

But before, I want to state that Elissa has gotten into the political games of Egypt. As she has joked about the president's speech and declared it has too many jokes--something that would help her buddy Bassem Yousef in ridicule on his show. She is Lebanese and not Egyptian and she seems not to be a fan of the president.  This is her tweet:

"after watching Mohamed Morsi'speech really looking forward to Bassem Youssef next show.. he just got served priceless content😊😀"

She wrote her comments in English not Arabic, because she wanted to speak to certain demographic. I would let the Egyptians react to the speech of their president at this critical juncture.

She is entitled to her opinion indeed, and this is why I want to test her true tolerance of freedom of speech. I know she is a big supporter of those kind of things, so let's get the ball bouncing.

Now to move into the title of this post:

It's a combination of horny men, jealous ladies, pious/conservative folks, and people with too much time on their hands. Elissa, the Lebanese songstress is a big deal, and she is entitled to show as much of her beauty as she desires to. She should never feel threatened, intimidated or uncomfortable about her body. Having said that, she should expect certain comments that come with the territory.

If Elissa is her name, then being sexy is her game

There are lots of YouTube clips, and pictures devoted to her busy bosom. They curate videos of her boobs during her various media appearances, concerts and such. Chances are, she is well aware of those things, I know the most recent story came out from her appearance on the X Factor finale, her dark dress, showed her bra. Some people are not ready for this kind of appearances on prime time when they are watching with their kids. hose are all recent pictures form the 2013 X Factor and from a 2012 concert. Those are not old footage or Photoshop work.

One thing, I am seeing a lot more comments talking about Elissa's age and how the plastic surgeries are doing he a de-service. One thing remains unchanged, she makes good music. I think people need to chill out and take it easy. I report the names of the videos and comments form online posts.

فضائح صدور اليسا العارية

اليسا بدون حمالة صدر "سنتيانة" علي الهواء و ظهور صدرها

some of the keywords I am seeing for any search on this subject come in Arabic

WATCH: Tamarad KFC Amr katamesh #Egypt عمرو قطامش-تمرد-غناء شادي عبد السلام ورنا عتيق

The fat street poet from Egypt who won Arabs Got Talent is back with yet another political song/poem/skit.
Amr Katamesh is his name and he wants to see change, he wants people to rebel as if rebellion will be peaceful. He is calling on people to take on the streets and dedicates the song to one of his friends who was murdered.

He says he chose to be silent for stability. I do not recall him being silent, they have protests and strikes every day of the year under the new president. Plus what's a guy who did a commercial for KFC Kentucky fried chicken chicken got to do with political analysis?

His humor mixed with rage tell me his overstayed his welcome! I am sure he has fans out there, but most people have no idea who this kid. He does involve a number of young people with him in this project calling for rebellion. Again I am certain those tax dodging TV networks would love to promote such work. I do like the victimization card feel the song has.

I do not know if these people know how democracy work, you do not have to like who wins, you wait for the next elections and hope for a change. I think Egypt is sick of know it all young activists who seem to change their minds every five seconds. I think people now more than ever want a country that runs smoothly.

Tamarad Amr katameshعمرو قطامش-تمرد-غناء شادي عبد السلام ورنا عتيق

Listen: Lets' Revolt Song رامي صبري - إتحركوا - Ramy Sabry- Et7arako

Ramy Sabry strikes me as someone who likes the Mubark regime. I do not recall him talking about the revolution of January 25th and the change of regime. He is entitled to his opinion, and note how when he had the change he called for a revolt against the current regime under president Morsi.

He is asking folks to move, to take on the streets, give Egypt life, as those who wanted to do had their chance. It's a short song its lyrics were written by Tamer Hussein. As a clever move, this song is a bit vague, but I thought Ramy Sabry did not like politics, and I respected his wish to be kept away form politics, but this song confuses me.

I am certain he likes Egypt, and I am certain I like his new album and his attics, what I do not understand is his judgment here. His song will not make Egypt better, songs tend not to do that anyway. But change is coming.

رامي صبري - إتحركوا - Ramy Sabry- Et7arako

Download: Ramy Sabry New Album البوم رامى صبرى - وانا معاه 2013 CD Q 320 Kbps

Among the new breed of Egyptian pop starts, Ramy Sabry is king. He is a singer and who also doubles as a musicians where his beats go to heat up other pop stars' songs. This new album of his was delayed more than three times, and it drops now, ten days prior to Ramadan.

I am one of his biggest fans, and not just his music, but also his person. He is a nice guy who comes drama free and seems to work hard on his gift. He makes pop songs with a heart. I feel he is the closest to Amr Diab in terms of choices and smart. It takes him years to make one good album and this is why the albums stick around.

Ramy Sabry is a hot ticket for summer concerts, he just performed a mega concert in a summer resort north of Cairo. Ramy does not pay people to shower him with love or beef up his ego at concerts, they just like him and enjoy his music. We will look back at this album and say, wow too many good songs Ramy made in his career. You can dance to his music and cry to his lyrics. If good music is his game, then Ramy Sabry is his name.

The surprise for me that  pop star Tamer Hosny has written a song for Ramy Sabry "Wa Ana Ma'a". Ramy put the music for ten of this album's 12 songs, but gave the music arrangement--production to others.

01 - Haga Ghareba
02 - Bartah
03 - Aseebek Youmein
04 - Mosh Fare2
05 - Heya Leh Betes2al
06 - Ana Leah Bashta2lak
07 - Ma3ak Ana
08 - Masa2ltenish
09 - Beterga3 Leah
10 - Ma3 El Ayam
11 - Hawel Dayman
12 - Haras Wala Tekhawen

To download the album, here's the link

جديد رامى صبرى حاجه حصلتلى 2013 كامله

جديد رامى صبرى أنا ليه بشتاقلك

ألبوم رامي صبري يحمل اسم "وأنا معاه"، ويضم ألبوم 12 أغنيات هي:
"برتاح" كلمات أحمد علي موسى وألحان رامي صبري وتوزيع طارق توكل.
"مع الأيام" كلمات تامر حسين وألحان رامي صبري وتوزيع طارق توكل.
"وأنا معاه" كلمات تامر حسني وألحان رامي صبري وتوزيع حسن الشافعي.
"مش فارق" كلمات تامر حسين وألحان رامي صبري وتوزيع طارق توكل.
"لو كان عليك" كلمات أحمد علي موسى وألحان رامي صبري وتوزيع طارق توكل.
"بتسأل عليا" كلمات تامر حسين وألحان أحمد حسين وتوزيع طارق توكل.
"أحلى من الأول" كلمات محمد البوغى وألحان محمود خيامي وتوزيع طارق توكل.
"قربني ليك" كلمات أحمد علي موسى وألحان رامي صبري وتوزيع طارق توكل.
"صدق عنيك" كلمات تامر حسين وألحان رامي صبري وتوزيع طارق توكل.
"نسييت" كلمات أحمد علي موسى وألحان رامي صبري وتوزيع طارق توكل.
"حاول دايما" كلام أحمد علي موسى وألحان رامي صبري وتوزيع سادو.
"حرص ولا تخون" كلمات احمد علي موسى وألحان رامي صبري وتوزيع طارق توكل.

Sony Hires Ramy Ayach To Promote Their Line of Headphones

Just like anywhere in the world companies are always looking for a celebrity to promote their products. Sony Arabia hired Najwa Karam to use their TV screens in her music video. But when it came to their headphones, they went with Ramy Ayach. He is a hip guy whom most guys envy. He is talking up the new line XB920

In a press conference, he spoke about the product, its specifications and the company. He cut an ad for the company where he is leading a group of runners while wearing the headphones. I am certain his next music video will have space for the fancy gadget.

Ramy says he likes the base, the isolation and the bulky look. He also talked about future collaboration with the company. Among his other ventures a Lebanese restaurant in Morocco.  

Ramy did not want to talk about his wedding at the interview.

اختيار رامي عياش سفيراً لسوني

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

10 Takeaways From Mohammad Assaf #Gaza Conference

The highlight from the press conference, it was held at the Arcmed Hotel (formerly known as the Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts), the five star hotel owned by Nablus  native businessman Moneeb Al Masry who has been shadowing the pop star for weeks.

  1. "I will be always the song of Khan Younis refugee camp, and the son of Palestine! No one can buy me or make me change that"
  2. "I am committed to our just cause and struggle"
  3. I did not come to Gaza to stay at a hotel, I wanted to be with my fans, but I feared the chaos and the police escorted me out as the road was blocked with droves of fans.
  4. I will live in Dubai and this is where he will take his fancy ride to.
  5. His first work, will be recording a song for a Kuwaiti TV Drama.  
  6. He is booked for concerts in Dubai, Egypt, Morocco--after Ramadan. He will perform in three cities in the West Bank as of next week.
  7. He will start working on hi debut album which will have six songs and will be supervised by Saudi singer and music mogul Rashid Al Majid.
  8. No one has threaten his life in Gaza for singing, and the government has not stopped him fro singing. 
  9. He thanks the UNRWA that appointed him as an ambassador to the youth. He also appeared in an event with them and their employees today. 
  10. He will continue to talk about the prions held by the Israeli occupation.   

لحظات تتويج الفلسطينى محمد عساف بلقب "محبوب العرب Palestinian Mohammed Assaf "lovable Arabs

The #Lebanese Flag Flies High In Palestine For Assaf

Since early morning, people started to gather at the M shaped Rafah crossing, which links Gaza to Egypt in hope to see the Palestinian Idol and goodwill Ambassador and express their happiness for his return.

With the Palestine and Lebanon flags flying among the crowd and posters of Assaf hanging on surrounding buildings, Rafah crossing was crowded as people saw it a chance to welcome who has been described as the Rocket and a Hero by Arab Idol’s jury.

A loud cheering echoed across the crossing when the vehicle carrying Assaf entered as tens of youngsters surrounded the vehicle hoping to get to speak or shake hands with Assaf.

Meanwhile across the Gaza Strip, hundreds of Assaf’s friends, relatives, neighbors and fans gathered in front of his house in the modest refugee camp of Khan Younis to be reunited with their inspiration, Assaf, after four months of absence on his quest to compete in the prestigious contest.

A living example of paradox was the reception of Assaf; the damaged and cracked walls of the refugee camp which continue to carry the marks of the latest Israeli assault and the love of life which vibrates from the posters carrying the face of a star whose smile captivated millions around the globe.

محمد عساف يغني في ولاية فلوريدا Arab Idol Star

Watch: The Most Overlooked Mohammad Assaf Song #Palestine #منيب_المصري_لازق

Everyone has a favorite song, we all agree on a half dozen of his songs, we love his Palestine and Arab unity songs. He is good this way. But we may not feel the emotions or the energy a certain song any given artist. I find one of his most romantic performances was in a duet with the dazzling Syrian finalist Farah Yousef. We pretty much like every song he has touched, but some of them we may not want to play over and over again. This song is different.

In this song he showed the heartbroken character, the vulnerable young man who has been hurt. And Farah Yousef held into her ground. Assaf performed a well known song by Lebanese romance hit-maker Weal Kfoury. He shined in this song and showed some real acting chops. Farah performed a Nancy Ajram hit. The fusion was spectacular.

These is so ,much energy and better yet the couple have chemistry and sold this fusion song very well.

Arab Idol - النتائج - فرح يوسف و محمد عساف

Arab Idol - S2 - Ep26 / حلقة النتائج - محمد عساف - بيحن | فرح يوسف - انت ايه

محمد عساف - Arab Idol 2

Infographic: Mohammad Assaf Is Also The King Of Social Media

See why Mohammad Assaf won the Arab Idol Title. Not only was he the winner, and the candidate that had the most votes. But also he is HUGE on the social media, he is well ahead of his rivals, as this info graphic reveals. He had double and triple the other gifted singers on Arab Idol. He has not lunched his career and already he has 730 thousand fans on his Facebook. As for twitter, he is happy with the cool number of 344 thousand followers. As for YouTube, his videos have been viewed 33 million times--not counting the unofficial videos. 


Watch: How I Met Your Egyptian Mother كليب احلى ايام - بلاك تيما

There's a new Egyptian sitcom, it's some version of the popular American sitcom How I Met Your Mother. The name of the show,  "أحلى أيام" you will see a number of virtually unknown young actors who are doing their roles. The title of the show is the sweetest days....Not sure how close to the American show it will be, but close enough.

The promo song has been recorded by Black Theama, the all Egyptian boy band that makes good music. Cannot speak for the show, but I see the actor known as Edward, and he is often too much--in the bad sense. I am sure the sex jokes will be toned down a tad. Hope it pulls the rating if it was any good. 

كليب احلى ايام - بلاك تيما

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WATCH: Amal Maher #Egypt Song اغنية امال ماهر - انتباه | اغنية مسلسل الداعية

Ramadan is two weeks ago, and the songs for the TV dramas are hitting the airwaves really hard. Amal Maher is one of those busy artist who do not have trouble looking for work. She is doing the open credit song for what's being dubbed one of the best TV dramas made in Egypt in some time.

The song opens with a song about Egypt, protest and revolution, sounds familiar? I think the problem is not the lack of people with principles. But rather, that everyone who likes Egypt thinks he is the only one who feels this way. The drama is about an Egyptian preacher who has a huge base.

I like the song from Amal, her last two songs for about Egypt and two other songs were wedding songs recorded for two big weddings in Saudi Arabia.

 اغنية امال ماهر - انتباه | اغنية مسلسل الداعية

اغنية امال ماهر - انتباه | اغنية مسلسل الداعية

Dalal Abu Amneh, The Other Idol (And Doctor) From Palestine!


Dalal Abu Amneh makes good music under the radar. I think good music should always be in the front.  I obtained a copy of her 2012 album and since then I am unable to put this thing down. I keep playing her songs over and over again. At the gym, I play them, as I walk to and from work I play them. And when I want to relax I go to them and let the warmth out.

She got into the singing and her name made it out there when she sang the classical Umm Kolthoum songs. Her first original song "ana albi wrohi fadak" (I gift you my heart and soul) (Lyrics: Dr. Anan Abbasi, Composition: Alaa' Azzam) I tell you what, this song is my new drug! The way she performs this song tells me this is the song that only she can deliver in such passion.

This is how addictive the voice of Dalal Abu Amneh is. She is a star that comes from a different breed. The nostalgic kind. Those are the songs form memories you wish one day you will have. Her songs are treasured to people like your parents, but to you, she is all classy and full-blown dreamy. She produced her own album giving her much control and it was a smart move giving how the album turned out.

She sings about love, Palestine, her village, the hills, the water spring and the old times. She also does a timeless folklore song. This is the kind of music, people who do not speak Arabic appreciate and those who do speak seek. What I appreciate the most about her is her ability to walk the very fine line between classical diva rate songs without being elitist or disconnected.

Her voice is accessible and her style is made for the masses who want to listen. When you play one of her records, you are already elevated into a higher place. I only wish more people out there would get to experience her voice and learn her compelling story. I find myself telling people around Washington DC about Dalal. Look, we have a lady who sings like an angel but also excels in her pursuit of knowledge. As a follow Palestinian, I am proud of her and the things she was able to do with her life. I know I look forward to what she will do next.

The good news, she is young and she is already great. How much more can she do? That's up to her, she travels the world doing songs for Palestine but she always returns to the sea and the land. She is so proud of the land, that she makes me want to visit one day the land that taught her such love. I wish, I can tell you how attached I am to her sole album, and wish if she could do more.

I know she is excited about the Arab Idol winner Mohammad Assaf, she told of how proud she was (along with her community in Nazareth) of feeling part of something Big. Dalal is a big deal for her fans, and even those who may not know her by name, have heard a song of two of hers and those songs live with them. In a way, the Palestinians have always had an idol, that was Dalal. She is a source of pride of her native city inside traditional Palestine. I would recommend her voice for those in search for a thereby, her voice will awaken the peace inside each listener.

She is not just a fine singer, she also holds a PhD in Neuroscience in the faculty of Medicine at Technion. She is authentic, proofing that she can do it all, have a great career and strive for the best education and have a family too--she is a loving mother. Now, I hope to see her travel to the United States again on tour, I know she will sell venues and earn new fans. She did realize her incredible covers of classical Arabic songs are timeless, she wanted to be great on her own turf. And she was able to illustrate this with her 2012 album.

This makes me hope and pray those two would collaborate on a song that brings the best in Palestine, a song that has Dalal's grace and class, and Assaf's charm and popularity. Make it about Palestine but vague like Dalal has always done. She gives every listener a message that fits their politics and personality. She is that comfortable voice that draws you in and keeps you wanting more. If you doubt my statement, feel free to take my challenge and play her song  "Ruba Al Carmel" I think Dalal Abu Amneh should perform inside the US congress, she alone will sway their minds and hearts with her soul-touching performances.

Here's something to think about, her live performances are so real, her debut album captures that experience and makes you think you are sitting in some theater enjoying the lyrics and music Dalalh Abu Amneh weaved together. While her music shows the Palestinians sophistication, her looks remind us of the Palestinian good looks.

دلال ابو امنة -البوم عن بلدي

دلال ابو امنة | انا قلبي وروحي فداك

Dalal Abu Amneh - La Inta Habibi (Cover / Fairouz)

Nay Sleiman Khaliji Single ناي سليمان ابو قليبي 2013

Nay Sleiman is quietly expanding her appeal, the Lebanese pop songstress is celebrating with her  friends a new Khaliji single. There seems to be no stigma of making a song for the affluent Gulf. So far the Gulf has not protested the new single, the are just happy to see a blonde giving them attention.

They do have to give Nay's manger a call to book her for a wedding or a concert. Otherwise, she won't be giving them any more of her time or attention. But Nay has also been busy doing concerts in Atlantic City where she has a good friend (George Dfouni)

As for this song, it's not as half bad. I like the beat, I think Nay did a decent job with this tough dialect.
ناي سليمان ابو قليبي 2013

Video: Bahaa Sultan & Tuba "Enzel" / " بهاء سلطان و توبا " أنـــزل

The song simply says, come out, or come down. Calling on folks to protest on June 30th against the Egyptian president and his regime. This date is one year since he took over Egypt and it seems not a single day has passed by without the media and special interest groups make a controversy. I think they should be allowed to protest the president, and they should be civil in doing so.

Will this date be a day we read about massacres? I hope not. The producer behind this song is Nasr Mahrous a gifted producer, songwriter and musician. He happens to be a copt and has never spoke released a song against Mubarak. The lead singer is Baha Sultan, an amazing singer who is well-known in Egypt. He is Iraqi, but Egyptian.

I am just stating the obvious. They market the June 30th 2013, is the day when everything will get better, Egyptian will have their dignity back and they will take back the future of their kids. The chorus repeats, the Egyptian was never a coward. Mark my work, this song will drive a lot of young people to the streets.

There's a new lady who performs the duet and her name is Tuba, she is releasing this as her calling card. I like her voice and I have enjoyed the lyrics. I only wish this song will make Egypt a better place and a safer place. There's a weird dance beat that turns this patriotic song into a party. I am not sure, but do they call the government and the brotherhood liars? And Corrupt?  Seriously? This song is not about Egypt nomore, but it's about taking sides.

Bahaa Sultan & Tuba "Enzel" / " بهاء سلطان و توبا " أنـــزل

WATCH Live Assaf Arrives To Gaza Via @HotArabicMusic

Call them silly people but they love the winner of Arab Idol, the son of Palestine Mohammad Assaf arrives home to spend three days before he heads out to go to Dubai to record a soundtrack song from an MBC produced Ramadan Drama

To watch the festivities, the link is below. They even have songs for Mohammad Assaf, not his songs, but the ones they greet him and mention how much they love him. He drove from Rafah, and they are headed to Gaza passing by his home in Khan Younes, where much of the celebration has been centered.

The Gaza Ministry of Youth and Sports has planned a big bash for him, something that piss off the Israeli government who has been trying to make the case Hamas hates art and suppress the people form having a good time. Let them have fun, they do not get too many occasions like this where the majority of the people are happy.

Click This link

WATCH: Ladies, Assaf Is Available And So Is Ahmed Gamal #ArabIdol

The two dudes who came to be the finalist on the Arab Idol program sat down for an interview with Mona Al Shazly. They sang and talked. The highlight both are available, both were in relationship in the past, that relationship is over. And the kicker Ahmed Gamal was in a relationship with a Palestinian girl.

They broke up due to the different customs and being from a different country. It's not meant to be, and the distance drove them apart. Assaf also was in a relationship but not anymore. These two guys are best of friends and seem to be the real deal.

Assaf talked about jumping over a fence to get to the audition in Cairo. Assaf sang a mellow (tarab) song, Mawal style and an Egyptian song that most folks know. Both Gamal and Assaf seemed to be happy to have more time since he has been locked up in Beirut for more than three months

منى الشاذلي لـ أحمد جمال و محمد عساف " انت مرتبط ؟ " فشاهد بماذا ردوا في #جملة_مفيدة

Listen: El Joker "Ekhtar makanak" - "الجوكر "اختار مكانك Oum Kalthoum Raps?

The creative music producer and judge on Arab Idol Hassan El Shafei releases a new track with an interesting fusion. Through label Basement Record, a new song where the voice of the iconic Egyptian classical singer Oum Kalthoum meets the smooth raps of El Joker.

The song is about dreams and what it takes to make them a reality. The rapper wrote the lyrics, Hassan did the production. Here's he mixes two strange bedfellows to bring out an highly entertaining track that makes one ready to get in the ring and fight.

El Joker "Ekhtar makanak" - "الجوكر "اختار مكانك

بذرة الأمل، تطرح لما بنرويها بعمل
نحصد نجاح ، لو سقيناها كسل نحصد فشل
وده بعينه كان الفرق بين اتنين اخوات
اخ فحياته نجح اما الأخ التانى كان
عجوز بيحلم، ويقول اهى بكره تحلى
لكن الحقيقة كانت هروبه بالأحلام من المحنة
فجأة القطرات فاتته ، فضيت عليه محطته
خمسين سنه الغطاس غرقان فميه كدبته

Monday, June 24, 2013

Video: Fadel Shaker Survivies And States "I Killed Two Lebanese Soldiers" #Lebanon

While he was surrounded in that famous mosque along with a number of armed men and their false prophet shikh Al Aseer, Fadel Shaker and his new buddies found time to film a video where they brag about how they hate the Lebanese army and Fadel adds, I killed two of them. He can be heard praying for their death and also calling them pigs. I do not think this is a conspiracy against Sunnis in Lebanon, as some have suggested. I think mental illness has no religion.

Fadel Shaker is looking sporty, and wearing a Nike. He is a native to Saida and his also come from Tripoli. You can hear a guy making threats that if anything happens to Fadel Shaker all hell will break loose. I get the feeling that I am looking at dead men. More than ever, the Lebanese folks are united behind their army against those violent and showy thugs. The date of this video remains unclear, it could have been filmed today or last week. It's worth mentioning that he is wanted for justice in Lebanese on charges of murder.

Can someone please example to me, what's going on on the mind of Fadel Shaker? Does he think he will get away with murder--by his own account? It now seems they might be headed to Syria for Jihad and the opposition forces stated, they won't host Sheikh Al Aseer. It really takes an idiot to star a war.

فضل شاكر يعترف بقتله جنديين في الجيش اللبناني... الله يلعنك يا فضل الخنزير

فضل شاكر يعترف بقتله جنديين من الجيش اللبناني

Video: Arab Idol Winner Mohammad Assaf Lands In Cairo لحظة وصول عساف مطار القاهرة

The Palestinian ambassador in Egypt took a number of people with him in addition to the tens of fans awaiting Mohammad Assaf as he landed in the Cairo International Airport in Egypt .He is rumored to stay in Cario for few hours, attended a dinner on his honor at the Palestinian embassy and do an interview with fiery and famous Mona Al Shazly, then head the road to Gaza.

At the airport gate, there were too many manly kisses, few press and airport personalities. Once he enters Gaza through Rafah, there will be a huge celebration in downtown Gaza which the government in Gaza is holding in his honor. The Ministry of youth and sport is leading the festivities and will receive him.

I like those cool shades Assaf, note that his family is with him back from Beirut, but I do not see them in the video. There were 4000 fans at the airport waiting to get a glimpse of Assaf.

استقبال جماهيري حاشد لمحمد عساف بمطار القاهرة

عساف من المطار: لم أتوقع الفوز بلقب أراب أيدول وأتمنى أن تكون انطلاقتي من القاهرة

لحظة وصول عساف مطار القاهرة

WATCH: Assala - " Rohi Wa5dani " Video Clip " / آصالة " روحي واخداني " فيديو كليب

Not sure if romance is on many minds right now. Those in the Middle East right now are either confused, shocked or scared for what they see on TV. But nevertheless, Syrian diva Asalah has a new dreamy music video where natures take center stage.

It's a good song, she released about a year ago, and now she is making her music video. I like how personal the music video is and how Asala is the sole star. I am a sucker for nature and this is a good selling point. Asalah does her thing with her hand gestures--yes, they have been mocked in the past.

I love the parrot, and the red dress, the clear water is also out of this world. Asalah never ages and always seems t have so much energy. The clip was shot in between Cairo and Cyprus. Her husband Tarik Al Arian directed it. She nailed it and again she is back on top. Great music video really, and hope it gets the attention it has worked to earn.

 Assala - " Rohi Wa5dani " Video Clip "Exclusive " / ( آصالة " روحي واخداني " فيديو كليب (حصري

WATCH: Zein El Omer reaction regarding Al Assir "Fadel Shaker Is A Dog" #Lebanon

Zein El Omer sticks it to Fadel Shaker and showers Lebanon with love. He goes after the loony sheikh Ahmed Al Asir and his servant former entertainer Fadel Shaker. He called a Lebanese network and called both figures dogs, shoes, and roaches.

No doubt the Lebanese pop star loves Lebanon and he showed so much respect for both Islam and Christianity. He came forward and showed so much maturity. He is pissed off and spoke for all those free Lebanese. He stands next to the Lebanese army. He hates Fadel Shaker and the Sheikh, those people were linked to murdering at least 12 officers of the Lebanese army. The mosque where those two figures usually pray and plot is under siege.  

Zein El Omer challenged both of these guys and told them, I am a man and ready to take you on. I pray for Lebanon and its awesome people.

Please note, the latest confrontation came after Fadel Shaker made a video where he made violent threats to the local government and other political parties in Lebanon just last week. Fadel Shaker also posed with a weapon and send his picture around. Seriously, how can he go from a romance singer last year into the head of an army militia the other?

Zein El Omer reaction regarding Al Assir