Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Everything You Need To Know About Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf @HotArabicMusic

The panelists loved his personal story and his struggle to come to Egypt for the audition. He discussed his issues at the border crossing. Generally younger people are given a hard time at the border for security concerns. Mohammad had to sleep on the street for a night when he was held up before finding his way in. Another local Gazan who was carrying his credentials to audition gave up his pass to Assaf, who was then permitted to audition. His story has gone viral in the Middle East and beyond. I wrote about Assaf on my Arabic music blog, and traffic for his posts have been through the roof. Every Friday night, millions of people throughout the Arab world tune in to watch the hit show and root for their favorite voice. There are scores of talented voices competing on the program. There was a young Kurdish woman who cannot speak Arabic, but has earned millions of fans for her voice and beauty. But Assaf's supporters defy borders. He has fans in each Arab country and beyond. He came from an unlikely place and has performed some of the most intricate Arabic songs so that even the older music listeners are paying attention.

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