Thursday, June 13, 2013

Do You Miss Hani Al Omari? If Not You Should

When he was asked about singers he is not fond of, Hani El Omary has this to say, some artists should set and home and not sing; others should keep working and never set at home. If you are twenty five or older, you will be among the lucky ones who know his songs. Hani was influenced by the songs of the likes of Wadie Safie. Hani has reserved a spot fr himself in the sentimental song perfected by the combination of his sensitive and sincere personality.

This is how I feel about the once larger than life voice of Hani Al Omari, the Lebanese romance hit-maker and classic icon. While he is no legend, he is popular for concerts in Lebanon. He has recorded many albums, but one of them stood the test of time, the emotions are all too real and Hani knows how to make us want more. To my, he has always this sweet and gentle spirit who celebrates the innocence of love. He is not associated with flirty songs. Though he has ventured into the commercialized dance songs (see below).

Hani is one of those artists whose name is too big, and he does not need a music video--he complains they are too expensive to make. We are all nostalgic to the songs he used to make, so warm, so true to life. He continues to make songs, but none match his debut album. He appears on various media outlets and he seems to have kept his talent. He has his fans out there and he has no trouble getting booked on a number of TV and radio shows.

His simple and dazzling Lebanese songs have stuck around. I like his take on the nature of the business, people talk about me now for free because I have done something. The other guys bribe someone to write something up about them--my work speaks for itself says Hani and I think he is right. He also salutes the icons of country like Melhim Barakat and Essam Rajji. He is also a friend with Wael Jassar.

Aside from the singing, Hani has at least on restaurant in Beirut an dhe is always on the look out for new songs, from anybody. He admits to being a control freak when it comes to directing his music videos.

هاني العمري - عجبتيني

Hani EL Omary - Ah Men Hawa (Official Music video) هاني العمري - اه من حوا


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