Friday, June 28, 2013

Video: Mohammad Assaf New Dubai Home New Dentist And Littlest Fan

Mohammad Assaf just landed in Dubai airport and naturally there were dozens of fans awaiting him. Mohammad will now cal Dubai his home for a while as he will be working for MBC and on his album. His first job is recording a title song for a new TV drama. Supposedly, the home where he will reside costs 400 thousand US dollars secured by the network. There he will have everything he needs  and his fancy ride. He is set to start working on the 29th and his first item of business is MBC network where he is set to sing and sign his posters to the fans who will show up at the network. 

When he arrived at the airport, droves of media personnel and airport staff among his fans were gathered for him. Notice, how Assaf looked like he knew some friends there  and not just the ones who kissed him. There was so much joy and love as his fans were in cloud nine and so was the young artist. I think he deserves it all--he fought for it with a bit of luck and a lot of talent. 

Local news networks in Gaza published photos if of Mohammad Assaf's youngest fans, The little girls picture was taken a t a local restaurant in Gaza where she was watching the Arab Idol and rooting for Mohammad. The little girls name is Hiya Skeek and she got to meet Mr. Idol himself after his press conference. Assaf held her and took pictures with her.

While in Beirut right before he was set to perform a song a famous dentist that has a clinic in Dubai came up to him, gave him his business card, and told him he can help him perfect his smile. Mohammad Assaf took his card and promised to call if he needed any help with his dazzling. Mohammad Inshasy is his name and he is a well known dentist that works with many Arab celebrities on getting a decent smile. Inshasy offered his services for free and I am sure this helps with the business.

Arab Idol - وصول محمد عساف لمطار دبي