Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Samir Sfeir Sticks It To Trashy Singers And Greedy Media Types سمير صفير زلزال 2013

Samir Sfeir has made a lot of people famous with his pop songs and the music he has been able to put together. However, he has always had people who hate him and he does not seem to care. Samir has always had a thing for singing, so it's no surprise he is back with a new single which he has titled Zilzal, the Arabic word for earthquake.

I have no clue what the subject matter of the song is, something tells me it's critical song of the media and the lousy noises that passes for entertainment. This is a good subject, and a timely song for this time. He sticks to business types, greedy media tycoons and talentless half baked voices.

It plays like a story, which Samir is telling his listeners. It comes with relatively fresh music, the subject is the treat. Samir seems to want people to see him part of the good art circles, not the throwaway entertainment. He is breaking up with those types who are not doing it for the love of the game. But to be honest, I think some may see Sfeir part of the problem.

But this song is made for certain people, he may wrote this song for his peers and media people. The jaded people will also embrace this song. The sad part, the very conservative and traditional religion people have been saying the same thing for decades now.  

 سمير صفير زلزال 2013 النسخة الاصلية


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