Monday, June 17, 2013

Mohamed Ablan, Egyptian Pop Is Still At It

Mohamed Ablan had to sing this song, just like he had to wear that scarf, and has to drive that car for his music video. He has a tangy voice. But the music video for Wana Maak is pure nonsense. The music video is literary the couple moving around--not dancing and staring at each other's eyes. That's all, and that has never felt original.

This is an OK pop song, Ablan has a voice that works for those songs, not too pleased with his style, but he has the sway moves. The actress appearing in the clip, did not have to do much acting. The song was released in the nine track album last year from the up and coming Ablan.

He flew to Italy to make this music video and Mazzika, his label is pushing him. Ablan also enjoys one treasured friendship with Samo Zaen, the pop star whose opinion he often seeks. At least according to one news report, the Italian director of the music video asked Ablan to star in one of his moves.

 Wana Maak - Mohamed Ablan وانا معاك - محمد عبلان


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