Sunday, June 9, 2013

Can Someone Please Help Diana Haddad Out!

I love to see some Diana Haddad, and I love to her her authentic voice doing the songs we love from her. She just had a streak of bad luck lately and she is far too talented to let her career tank. I know she is working on reviving her own career, she has gave us a good album more than a year ago. But it lacked the flavor. I am in love with her new single she released few months ago "Albi Wafi", or "My Heart Is Loyal", I thought seeing the old Diana Haddad back in action.

She has the loyal fan base, she is a huge draw in Dubai, and the Beirut. She is one of the few Arab entertainers who can call both those places home. She is a citizen in both of those countries and she has paid her dues. Furthermore, she  grew up in Kuwait, so she knows the lingo very well. Her album of 2011, tanked in terms of sales. Her business manager should not have a job in this business.

But, she needs to reflect on her career, she cannot just go back to her old ways, doing Khaliji songs that no one loves but most tolerate. She needs to reconnect with her her past and reconstruct her image. She has tried to venture into new territory like doing in Iraqi song last year in her album. Then she talked about doing a Moroccan track and a song for kids. But this sounds not like Diana Haddad, she is following other pop stars on a game she will lose.

Diana is doing too many things, I think the right thing for her to do is do an album with no song for the Gulf--just the same good old Egyptian and Lebanese songs. She is a star because of those songs, and she lead on those fronts. For the past five years, I have been watching Diana make one mistake after another, she needs to stop and call her old crew back. I am certain they love working with her.

She has not done any Bedouin style songs in five years, and no Egyptian songs for six years. She cannot do everything, she is talented but we only like one side of her and certainly not a mediocre children song. She needs a new music projects free of Gulf music, this album will sell and will bring sexy back

She does not need any household names and she should not talk about the project, make it a surprise for all of us. She is overexposed, there are many media outlets who love to talk to her. She should step back and record some new songs, and not talk about them, till she is reach out to them. Stick in Lebanon for a little bit, do not just travel there on business trip. Let the people inspire you let the dialect sink in. Trust me, the Gulf loves non Khaliji music, they will come around. She has already manged to get some of the wasted respect with her single "Albi Wafi"

Diana Haddad - Albi Wafi 2012 | ديانا حداد - كليب قلبي وفي جـديد


  1. I agree. It was refreshing to see her sing in another dialect on Arab Idol (Samira Tawfik Medley)!