Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Nerdy Lady Aziza Jalal Knockout عزيزة جلال - مستنياك - كاملة

There are those one hit wonders in Arabic classics, and there is Aziza Jalal, the Moroccan chick who came to Egypt to make music. She did do that, rocked the scene  performed many concerts and gave us at least one classic that we are all fond of Mistanyak or I await you.

Then she got married to some dude from the Gulf and she sings no more  I would listen to this song with my mother on TV and enjoy her company. Years later, I am all grown up and I get to know to a lady from afar, and I go home to meet her for the first time. But before then I send her the song below...my soon to be my fiance and her mother adore my gesture and appreciate the song.

 The song is about a lover who is waiting for their loved one to return and they are sturrgling with each passing second. You know how those long distance relationship are really hard. This makes the romance more worth it. I could see how difficult such relationships would be. Aziza had a song just for that. The lyrics are those of Abdel wahab Mohammed and the music is for Baligh Hamid--the duo who made many hits and classics.

Life is interesting  how Aziza's story and my own come together is for someone else to fifgure out. I am trying to say that we are all connected. One question, name one more song by Aziza Jala that you think is as famous as the song below.
عزيزة جلال - مستنياك - كاملة


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