Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DOWNLOAD: The Alternative Rock Revolution Of Alaa Wardi البوم باند هيجان " علاء وردى " - يابى

Alaa Wardi is one hell of an indie artist. He makes soul touching songs about topics that no one seems to pick on--no Arab pop singers have anyway. He is not afraid to experiment with free style music and anything that comes to mind. He has also shown that he is not about money...on his official website, you have different ways to get the album, iTunes, Pay What You Want and wait for it For Free.

This is alternative rock at its finest. Alaa refuses to be defined by border--his website does not mention his origins. He is Iranian by the way of Saudi Arabia who became famous in Jordan? He formed Hayajan band, the band in 2011 to channel his most creative work. Alaa Wardi wears too many hats, vocals, keyboard, acoustic guitar and star.  

Alaa cares about one thing, his craft. He is not about the dollars and change. He loves to work with others and chart new territories to bring back some fresh musical fusions. Props for the cool album cove, it delivers some mystery that Alaa has become.

 1 Ya 7weneh 04:46
 2 Wel Loom Ramani 04:11
 3 Safina 04:28
 4 Fish Majal 03:28
 5 Ween El-Kalam 05:36
 6 Risala 04:16
 7 Ween Min eSneen 03:14
 8 Wyama 04:57
 9 Nude 04:16
10 Comfortably Numb 06:31

To listen and to download the album, please visit the artist's official website

Hayajan - Ya 7weneh


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