Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The #Lebanese Flag Flies High In Palestine For Assaf

Since early morning, people started to gather at the M shaped Rafah crossing, which links Gaza to Egypt in hope to see the Palestinian Idol and goodwill Ambassador and express their happiness for his return.

With the Palestine and Lebanon flags flying among the crowd and posters of Assaf hanging on surrounding buildings, Rafah crossing was crowded as people saw it a chance to welcome who has been described as the Rocket and a Hero by Arab Idol’s jury.

A loud cheering echoed across the crossing when the vehicle carrying Assaf entered as tens of youngsters surrounded the vehicle hoping to get to speak or shake hands with Assaf.

Meanwhile across the Gaza Strip, hundreds of Assaf’s friends, relatives, neighbors and fans gathered in front of his house in the modest refugee camp of Khan Younis to be reunited with their inspiration, Assaf, after four months of absence on his quest to compete in the prestigious contest.

A living example of paradox was the reception of Assaf; the damaged and cracked walls of the refugee camp which continue to carry the marks of the latest Israeli assault and the love of life which vibrates from the posters carrying the face of a star whose smile captivated millions around the globe.

محمد عساف يغني في ولاية فلوريدا Arab Idol Star


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