Monday, June 10, 2013

WATCH: Pirates of The Arabian Amina - Ya Marakby / أمينة - يا مراكبي

Two folksy Egyptian divas join forces to bring out this duet about seeing Egypt by the boat, streaming up/down the Nile in a boat to see the land--all the land. This is Amina, the one who made sha'abi songs hip again, brings an older diva Fatmah Eid and together they do this duet.

The song has a lot of shouting and the theme is less Egypt and more pirates of the Caribbean and sexy ladies of Treasure Island. This is a good attempt to make an action/adventure music video using the song as an excuse. I think the director forgot this is a music video about Egypt, he just wanted to burn some money and adding something cool to his resume.

The two ladies are the greatest friends and one can see Amina looks up to Ms. Eid, and Eid is not done yet, even though she has slowed down. I like the outfits and the dances, but the computer affects are sophomoric. This is the old look for Amina making a comeback after she went for the amazing plastic look in her previous music video.

Amina - Ya Marakby / أمينة - يا مراكبي


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