Saturday, June 15, 2013

Who Will Win The Arab Idol 2013 Finale? Updates

  1. The Palestinian (Arab) Assaf had a good show on the show before the last. He did two songs, one where he is at his finest, the sincere soul who loves with passion and seals his heart once he has found that special one. His second song is the one song he had to do, the show needed a party/dance song and he is so good at those. Arab Idol is a show that needs to appeal to different people, some like to romance, others like to dance. Assaf has that good combination and he is master of his style. He is in it to win it...and he knows hell will break loose if he doe snot bring home the title. He has now become so much bigger than himself, his town in Gaza and no matter what happens next, all eyes will be on him and his next move. He has far more superior sympathetic and supportive votes from around the Arab world--he wins the emotional bank account war. His best chances are with Ragheb Alamah and Ahlam. Among big Arabic names which have declared their support for him, Asalah, Latifa, Assi Hallani and Angham. Sara Farah form Syria also called him the Arab Idol.  
  2. The Egyptian Ahmed Gamal had an average night. He was good, but there was no "wow" moment. He did what he has done well in the past, do a mixture of fun songs and dramatic ones. He is a nice guy with a great smile and a warm gestures. I thought his second song was better that his first. He is a shy soul, and the judges sort of like him--his best friend is Nancy Ajram. He has something Assaf does not have, 80 million Egyptians who like to support their home boys and girls. Ahmed might have two curses going for him, the first being an Egyptian and the last person to win Arab Idol also was from Egypt. The second one, he did a top-notch performance of a Mohammad Abdel Wahab song, more than a month ago. Until now I have yet to see the same level of groove on stage. Gamal also has scores of Egyptian celebrities who have rallied around him. Will that translate to votes, I do not really know, but he is a fun act. 
  3. Farah Yousef was the bomb, all of sudden she got back in the game and put the best possible version of herself on display. She did touch songs, the crowd loved her and showered her with love throughout her performances. The judges were big fans, I felt Ahlam was a big harsh with her, but she has good points in her critique. In the past I have dismissed her as a pop girl, but as of tonight, I saw she has some real skill, grace and a unique signature voice where her emotions come through every time she works at them. I think she might be the surprise runner up. I thought she was a tough act to follow, but then the judges threw their darts toward her and she got shaken. One should be surprised good art has always come from Syria. She has the velvet soft voice and delicate personality. She is the voice that might bring Syrians back together. I think the music not catching up with her voice is not her entire fault. She has her own style and they work based on timing and blocks. I am seeing many comments about her possible runner up status.  
  4. Ziad Khoury, the weakest among the remaining four seems to have had the greatest night of his career. It was like if he was replaced with another person who has charisma, personal connection and someone who wants to fight for the title. I would not be surprised to learn that he had the best coaches as he has really won the night, but it might be too late. His performance was something that he has never done before. His charm and transformation were obvious, Lebanon is back in the ring for one last hooray. He has a style that's very close to Assaf especially in those party songs. Assaf does have something better going for him--he has actually sang in parties and weddings. If Zaid leaves the show, he should walk tall, he has challenged himself and it showed tonight.       
I think Assaf has been everyone's favorite to win the title. He is the surprise act, but as of tonight's performance, anyone on the show deserves to win. However, Assaf is a winner who comes from a truly unlikely place, and his win might change a lot of thing. He was never in the danger zone, and has always delivered the songs and the quality entertainment viewers have come to expect form this smooth singer. He can make you cry and convincing you he is bleeding from inside the heart of his hear. When he performs a song it's like he gets in the original artists head and know his way of delivering that song the way he or she did. And the next second he can get you to party like their no tomorrow. He has fans in Yemen, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. He is like a time traveler, he came form the time when great musicians not computers walked on God's earth.     


  1. Beautifully said! I totally agree with everything you said! I'm rooting for Assaf!

  2. I agree.
    Hope assaf wins cz its fair.

  3. Ahmed Gamal is way better than assaf. this article isn't fair since assaf did not master the romantic songs at all. his voice doesnt sound good when he sings taraby, please. when he sang abdelhaleem hafiz once, the judges said it was bad. This is really biased because all assaf can sing well is jalaby and lots of people can sing party songs. it takes talent like ahmed to make people filled with emotion or cry due to his voice. ugh this article should've been a little less biased.