Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ahmed El Fouly, A New Kind Of Cool

Ahmed El Fouly is the man of the hour he cannot just forget her. He is unable to move forward, the love of the past still haunts him and he has failed to learn the skill of forgetting  So he is bringing it back with a new single recounting the love story he has lived.

It's an incredible song coming from a place of pain. The young talent is making waves with his new release. I am a fan of his warm voice and the way he paces his voice. This song is for the depressed among us, it's not depressing, but it's real. Real love comes with drama, and Ahmed El Fouly sound slike a guy who has seen more than his fair share of woes.

He is cool by being himself, not by wearing some nice shades or having a hairstyle that grabs the attention. Ahmed looks like the average Arab guy, with a lovable face.

Ahmed El Fouly - W7shteny | اغنية احمد الفولى - وحشتينى


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