Thursday, June 27, 2013

@elissakh Lebanese Elissa Butts Into Egyptian Politics

But before, I want to state that Elissa has gotten into the political games of Egypt. As she has joked about the president's speech and declared it has too many jokes--something that would help her buddy Bassem Yousef in ridicule on his show. She is Lebanese and not Egyptian and she seems not to be a fan of the president.  This is her tweet:

"after watching Mohamed Morsi'speech really looking forward to Bassem Youssef next show.. he just got served priceless content😊😀"

She wrote her comments in English not Arabic, because she wanted to speak to certain demographic. I would let the Egyptians react to the speech of their president at this critical juncture.

She is entitled to her opinion indeed, and this is why I want to test her true tolerance of freedom of speech. I know she is a big supporter of those kind of things, so let's get the ball bouncing.

Now to move into the title of this post:

It's a combination of horny men, jealous ladies, pious/conservative folks, and people with too much time on their hands. Elissa, the Lebanese songstress is a big deal, and she is entitled to show as much of her beauty as she desires to. She should never feel threatened, intimidated or uncomfortable about her body. Having said that, she should expect certain comments that come with the territory.

If Elissa is her name, then being sexy is her game

There are lots of YouTube clips, and pictures devoted to her busy bosom. They curate videos of her boobs during her various media appearances, concerts and such. Chances are, she is well aware of those things, I know the most recent story came out from her appearance on the X Factor finale, her dark dress, showed her bra. Some people are not ready for this kind of appearances on prime time when they are watching with their kids. hose are all recent pictures form the 2013 X Factor and from a 2012 concert. Those are not old footage or Photoshop work.

One thing, I am seeing a lot more comments talking about Elissa's age and how the plastic surgeries are doing he a de-service. One thing remains unchanged, she makes good music. I think people need to chill out and take it easy. I report the names of the videos and comments form online posts.

فضائح صدور اليسا العارية

اليسا بدون حمالة صدر "سنتيانة" علي الهواء و ظهور صدرها

some of the keywords I am seeing for any search on this subject come in Arabic