Saturday, June 22, 2013

#Assaf Won A Whopping 60 Percent Of The Arab Idol Votes

The news are in

The son of Palestine--and Arabia Mohammad Assaf won 60 percent of the votes! Second to him, came the lovely Egyptian, the smooth and dreamy romantic Ahmed Jamal with 21,37 percent. The strong voice and classy and gracious diva Farah Yousef had 18.43 percent. Keep on mind Mohammad Assaf was born in Libya.

According to one source, Ahmed Fahmy, the host of the program confirmed That's a total of a 60 million votes from all over the globe. This is a historic number that no other Arab show has ever witnessed. Most of the votes came from Palestine, the Gulf and Algeria and Morocco!

Congratulation for the winner and the three finalists. Assaf has three times as many votes as the next guy. This way he is the Santa Clause of the candidate, you cannot help but love him. He was really unsure if he was going to snag the title, and he was so out of it for at least five minutes and it showed on stage.

No doubt the other entertainers are brilliant as well, but for a number of reasons Assaf bested them. For starter he is already an international star, and the world's press is talking about him. Both Syria and Egypt have political issues and distracted at the moment. I would like to think that Assaf was charismatic and he was the fresh breeze needed by many.

Arab Idol - محمد عساف - صافيني مرّة



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