Wednesday, June 26, 2013

10 Takeaways From Mohammad Assaf #Gaza Conference

The highlight from the press conference, it was held at the Arcmed Hotel (formerly known as the Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts), the five star hotel owned by Nablus  native businessman Moneeb Al Masry who has been shadowing the pop star for weeks.

  1. "I will be always the song of Khan Younis refugee camp, and the son of Palestine! No one can buy me or make me change that"
  2. "I am committed to our just cause and struggle"
  3. I did not come to Gaza to stay at a hotel, I wanted to be with my fans, but I feared the chaos and the police escorted me out as the road was blocked with droves of fans.
  4. I will live in Dubai and this is where he will take his fancy ride to.
  5. His first work, will be recording a song for a Kuwaiti TV Drama.  
  6. He is booked for concerts in Dubai, Egypt, Morocco--after Ramadan. He will perform in three cities in the West Bank as of next week.
  7. He will start working on hi debut album which will have six songs and will be supervised by Saudi singer and music mogul Rashid Al Majid.
  8. No one has threaten his life in Gaza for singing, and the government has not stopped him fro singing. 
  9. He thanks the UNRWA that appointed him as an ambassador to the youth. He also appeared in an event with them and their employees today. 
  10. He will continue to talk about the prions held by the Israeli occupation.   

لحظات تتويج الفلسطينى محمد عساف بلقب "محبوب العرب Palestinian Mohammed Assaf "lovable Arabs


  1. Thank you very much for the translation. I discovered by chance this singer. I really like his voice. But most of all his story.