Thursday, June 27, 2013

Listen: Youssef Arafat - Kamel El Awsaf | يوسف عرفات - كامل الأوصاف# #Jordan

Youssef Arafat almost won the title of Arab Idol first season, but he was runner up and a finalist. He stopped at nothing, made few singles, sang in concerts in Jordan and the Gulf. And then shot a music video in Lebanon for a sweet romantic song--written by a Jordanian lyricist. Not to forget his trio song with the two finalist from Arab Idol.

I liked Youseef and think Ragheb Alama also liked him, and wanted to work with him last year. Here's one thing about Yousef he is Palestinian by the way of Jordan. But I do not think he wanted to be a Palestinian. Do not worry, we got Mohammad Assaf now.

Now, to hear his new single which he sang in the Gulf dialect. It's a sweet song, the guy has a special voice that sounds like no other. He has a style where he can hit the high and low and in the middle you can always tell this is Youssef.

I think this is a good choice for any young artist to do songs for the Gulf, this is where the money is at their wedding parties. The song is about a perfect person, he/she has everything and it seems that Arfat is smitten. He is young and has a bright career ahead of him

Youssef Arafat - Kamel El Awsaf | يوسف عرفات - كامل الأوصاف#


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