Thursday, June 20, 2013

Elisaa And Haifa Social Media Rivalry

Haifa Wehbe has one of the largest Twitter account for an Arab star, among them she is also the most engaged with her followers. She manged to get her pop album the MJK to be on top of iTunes. She has been caught in a rivalry for more. But it seems her follow Lebanese songstress Elissa may have won the round in 2012:

  1. Both have released celebrated albums this year in roughly the time time--summer of 2012. Haifa had the most DJ buzz, Elissa had the most sales in Arabia--though Haifa sold much bigger overseas. 
  2. Haifa wrote 5952 Tweets from her account in 2012. Elissa wrote half of that number yet she has double the followers.
  3. Facebook is where Haifa has 17 million fans, Elissa beat her with 2.5 million Facebook fans.
  4. Haifa says the most interesting stuff and she engaged her fan. Elissa sounds like Opera most of the time and in fact she has blocked Hot Arabic Music Twitter from accessing her tweets.
  5. Elissa does not engage neither the press nor her fans--it's one way conversation. She seems to have not found love like in 2011 when she was rumored to be gearing up for a wedding.      
To make things more fun, Myrian Faris may be the number on famel artists on Facebook with real followers or so she says she has a certificate to show for it. 
عصابة خالتى فرنسا اللى خاطفانى :( RT @abood541979@HaifaWehbeههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه خطفها اللمبي

700 000 followers ? That's nice but I m a little bit greedy :)


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