Friday, June 21, 2013

Nayef Al Nayef, Finding Undetected Good Music in The Kingdom

Nayef is a well regarded contemporary composer in the Gulf region, this time he is giving himself his finest melodies as he launches his Rotana album. Naturally, his album is Gulf centered and the music is something they are impressed by over there. This Saudi artist has what seems to be a bag of limitless musical acts inside his heart, mind and soul.

The album can be found on this official artist YouTube link. I have enjoyed "Weno" and think it has something special. "Ghally" sounds like a mixture of old school rap with a desert beat. I think he is up to something beautiful with "Men Gher Leeh". He sounds very sweet and consumed with the emotional state created by those romantic lyrics. Nayef Al Nayef is already getting some well deserved attention at home

This is a good album that will certainly fly under the radar for many of us, but those who know good music, will be able to distinguish the true talented that went into making this record. He did not really have to make a good album, just a decent one, but he raised the bar. I think that was possible because he wrote his music as well.

Nayef came a long way form his first appearance on that popular singing competition program. His comeback to the spotlight he has a lot more to offer. Saudis and those non-Saudis should tune in and remember to give his "Belham Redena" a listen with an examining ear.

01 - Belham Redena
02 - Bard W Sallama
03 - Men Gher Leeh
04 - Ghally
05 - Weno
06 - Tawaq
07 - Kther Allah
08 - L2abok Yal3een
09 - Habeto
10 - Da7ait
11 - Kool Ta2khera
12 - Zarfy

نايف النايف - تواق .. جودة عالية


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