Monday, June 24, 2013

WATCH: Zein El Omer reaction regarding Al Assir "Fadel Shaker Is A Dog" #Lebanon

Zein El Omer sticks it to Fadel Shaker and showers Lebanon with love. He goes after the loony sheikh Ahmed Al Asir and his servant former entertainer Fadel Shaker. He called a Lebanese network and called both figures dogs, shoes, and roaches.

No doubt the Lebanese pop star loves Lebanon and he showed so much respect for both Islam and Christianity. He came forward and showed so much maturity. He is pissed off and spoke for all those free Lebanese. He stands next to the Lebanese army. He hates Fadel Shaker and the Sheikh, those people were linked to murdering at least 12 officers of the Lebanese army. The mosque where those two figures usually pray and plot is under siege.  

Zein El Omer challenged both of these guys and told them, I am a man and ready to take you on. I pray for Lebanon and its awesome people.

Please note, the latest confrontation came after Fadel Shaker made a video where he made violent threats to the local government and other political parties in Lebanon just last week. Fadel Shaker also posed with a weapon and send his picture around. Seriously, how can he go from a romance singer last year into the head of an army militia the other?

Zein El Omer reaction regarding Al Assir


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