Monday, June 24, 2013

Video: Arab Idol Winner Mohammad Assaf Lands In Cairo لحظة وصول عساف مطار القاهرة

The Palestinian ambassador in Egypt took a number of people with him in addition to the tens of fans awaiting Mohammad Assaf as he landed in the Cairo International Airport in Egypt .He is rumored to stay in Cario for few hours, attended a dinner on his honor at the Palestinian embassy and do an interview with fiery and famous Mona Al Shazly, then head the road to Gaza.

At the airport gate, there were too many manly kisses, few press and airport personalities. Once he enters Gaza through Rafah, there will be a huge celebration in downtown Gaza which the government in Gaza is holding in his honor. The Ministry of youth and sport is leading the festivities and will receive him.

I like those cool shades Assaf, note that his family is with him back from Beirut, but I do not see them in the video. There were 4000 fans at the airport waiting to get a glimpse of Assaf.

استقبال جماهيري حاشد لمحمد عساف بمطار القاهرة

عساف من المطار: لم أتوقع الفوز بلقب أراب أيدول وأتمنى أن تكون انطلاقتي من القاهرة

لحظة وصول عساف مطار القاهرة


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