Friday, June 7, 2013

Listen: American Rapper Khaled M (@thisisKhaledM) - Cloud Conversations Pt 2 ft. Peter Frank

Fresh off a 23 city International Tour, Chicago MC Khaled M (@thisisKhaledM) drops the visuals to "Cloud Conversations Pt 2" featuring American Idol 10 finalist Peter Frank. The song is the lead single of Khaled M's debut EP "Above the Clouds".

It seems like it has been a century since I saw Khaled M, when in fact I saw him in 2011 standing in a pro Libya protest in front of the White House. But that was 2011 and a lot has changed.

Khaled M, a rapper from Lexington, Kentucky, who was mainly performing at universities and the occasional charity event draws much of his inspiration for his music from his father, a Libyan poet. Although he started rap-battling in his school lunchroom and ghostwrote for other rappers for years, he, too, only started performing under his own name in the last two years. He calls his songs "reality music," rather than other terms he's heard, like "conscious" or "political."

As of the track, it's a delight to play over and over again. The flow is where it should be and the lyrics more personal than ever before. Lately, it  is seems like we do not hear many of its type as rap goes commercial, there are too many stories that no longer come out due to market calculations. He sounds a lot more experienced and mature without losing his upbeat spirit.

The track is for purchase on this link 

Khaled M - Cloud Conversations Pt 2 ft. Peter Frank


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